How to start writing a book and convert it to PDF format

Ideas and thoughts are instruments that once you understand the correct way to focus them, they can be very useful. In this sense, one of the best things we can do is translate everything into letters and make it known to the world.

However, this is a bit tricky, usually involving a process of creating, correcting and planning, where we make sure the end result is exactly what we want.

Although it seems like an easy task, within the Internet you will find hundreds of tutorials in which the correct and simple mineral is explained in a simple and simple way, in which we must start to write a book.

For this reason, in this tutorial we want to help you capture these wonderful ideas you have, as well as teach you the method by which you can convert said final book into a PDF ready to be presented to whoever you want.

How to start writing a book and convert it to PDF format

First steps to writing a book

  1. Start by creating an action plan: also if it seems logical, this is a fundamental step, to organize your ideas and continue your journey as a writer.
  2. Create a plan where you capture all those factors, notes and instruments that in one way or another help you create inspiration or are an important part of what you want to write. Ask yourself the following questions: How often do you sit down to write? How will you organize your writing days? How will you handle the days when you feel stuck?
  3. Make a plan on the cover design: in general, this task is done by a designer, however, the best thing in any case is that you start drafting a tentative project, with which you can guide yourself and thus have much clearer ideas.
  4. Start writing: one once you have all the previous tools in order and well acquired, you can start writing. It is important that you know that this is a slow process, which can have various ups and downs and processes that may be discouraging.
  5. Don't be discouraged and always keep in mind what your aspirations, desires and ultimate goals are when creating this book. You can rely on ghostwriters, who you can contact on the net or with an experienced text editor, who will help you with any difficulties you may have. Remember that it is also important to choose a good cover for your book.
  6. Try reading everything you write: this is one of the most important steps, as some errors of punctuation, writing or consistency. That is why it is always advisable for everyone to read in a non-repetitive but careful way, of everything they read once finished.

How to start writing a book and convert it to PDF format

Convert your Word book to PDF

This is the final step for your book to be in perfect condition and then present it to as many people as you want. To begin, open your book file as you normally would in Word, and once you find it, you have to click on the " Fillet ”That you will find in the menu bar, right at the top.

Within this option, you will see that a series of options will be displayed, among which you need to locate the one it says "Export" to access the file creation menu.

When it opens, you need to press the option " Create PDF / XP document S ”and then press it again in the box that will appear next to it in the right column.

Once pressed, you will see that a window will open in which you will have to save your file which will be converted to PDF format. However, it is important to make sure, when saving, that it is with the correct parameters in so that it is a PDF file. Finally, you can share or publish your book on various platforms, such as Google Books. It should be noted that you can also convert pages to PDF and even any image you want.

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