How to stop receiving facebook messages in my email

How to stop receiving facebook messages in my email

One of the minor annoyances that can be experienced when registering for an online service, and more precisely for the social network Facebook, is receive notifications or messages in the mail of all this which can sometimes overwhelm us and fill our inbox with these messages. Well, if you're wondering how to stop receiving facebook messages in my email? or the same with this question how to stop receiving facebook notifications in mail? Here -in Practical Resources-, we will show you 2 ways or options for finally stop receiving messages or notifications from Facebook in emailand with that, they will no longer have to see these » annoying messages » in their inbox.

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How to Stop Receiving Facebook Messages in My Email | option 1

The first step is to enter your Facebook account with the respective data (email or telephone number and password) and then click on the triangle icon at the top right.

Clicking on the triangle will bring up a menu of options and click on the one that says «Settings«.

Then, a new page will load with several options on the left (if you are on a desktop computer) and you will have to click on it, the one that says «Notifications«.

Well, new information will be uploaded to the Facebook page and you will need to click on » Modification » in the email option.

With the previous click, the different options you have to receive or not receive messages from Facebook to mail will appear. Then, they will choose by clicking on the option that best suits them in the entries «What you will receive" is "Live video settings«.

If they have modified any of them, a small central window will open where in practice they will be asked if they confirm the modification and they will click on «disable" And that's it.

Finally, what is the whole procedure that needs to be done when asked how to stop receiving facebook messages in my email? Now, there is another, equally good option for doing this and we look at it below.

How to Stop Receiving Facebook Messages in My Email | option 2

For this option, the first thing you have to do is enter your email with the respective data (email, telephone or Skype and password) and once inside your email, in the mailbox you will examine the messages that have been sent to you. and they will open precisely, the one that comes from the Facebook sender.

Once that message is opened, they will have to go to the last part of it and will be able to distinguish in gray letters and a blue link, the following message: If you don't want to receive these messages from Facebook in the future, unsubscribe. Well, they'll click on the blue link text that says «cancel your subscription", as such.

Note no. 1 | It is necessary to register and highlight that to use it they must verify very well that it is a message or a notification from Facebook and not something else. Nowadays, imitations on the Internet are a reality and sending false notifications or messages from supposed services is an unfortunate reality… Therefore, use this method only if you are completely sure or use the previous method.

With the previous action, a Facebook page will open where you can see in the central part a question that says: Do you want to deactivate this email notification? and then, to exclude this type of notification and no longer appear in the mail, click on «Confirmation«.

So now, new information will be displayed in the central part of the Facebook page and say: Le Your settings have been updated and further down it says: You have asked not to receive these notifications from Facebook anymore and what you should do is click on the « buttonAccept«.

With the previous click, they will no longer receive this type of Facebook notifications on the email and thus they will get rid of this type of messages which can also fill the inbox in a few days.

Note no. 2 | A significant detail that you need to check when using this option is that unsubscribing is for a type of notification and not for all types of notifications. For example, in case they have requested not to receive birthday messages or notifications from their contacts, then they won't receive those kind of notifications and you can, yes, receive comment notifications from a group they have or something else if they obviously ., configured Facebook to allow these types of messages to arrive in inbox. Therefore, this option is interesting to use for people who are annoyed by one type of notification, as otherwise they will have to switch from one type of notification to another or use the other option already described.

Finally, you already know how to stop receiving Facebook notifications in my email with these options or possibilities.

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