How to stop strangers from messaging me on facebook

How to stop strangers from messaging me on facebook

A few weeks ago we told you how to remove the "Add as friends" button on Facebook and thus be able to avoid those annoying friend requests from strangers. Now, in the following article: How to prevent strangers from messaging me on Facebook, touches to explain a great solution to not receive messages from strangers, strangers or from people who know well on Facebook but who do not want to contact. and which consists in removing the Message button from your Facebook profile and in this way nobody who is not in your friends list will be able to contact you.

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How to stop strangers from messaging me on facebook | Step 1: Go to information

First, they have to enter Facebook and log in with their respective data, after which they will arrive at the timeline of their Facebook account. Now they will have to access their Facebook profile and to do so, just click on their name that appears at the top right (if they use a PC).

Once in your Facebook profile, you must click on the option that says «Information» that appears in the options bar, just below the cover photo.

How to stop strangers from messaging me on facebook | Step 2: Edit your profile information

With the previous click the Information section of your Facebook account will be displayed and therefore here you have the option to hover the mouse cursor over your date of birth which appears on the right side and when you do this the text will appear: Change your information. Basic and contact information which you have to click on or if you prefer you can click on the option that says: Basic and contact information displayed on the left side (if you are using a PC).

So now, the option or section will appear: Contact and Basic Information and what you should do here is place your cursor over the option that says: Year of Birth which is shown in the section: Basic Information so that the text of the link that says «Modification» which you should click.

By doing the above, you will have the ability to change the date of birth (day, month and year) and the idea here is to simply and radically change the year of birth by clicking on the year of birth so that like this, a drop-down menu and they will be able to select with a click, an age of 13 (believe me, do it) and after that, they will mark the small square that precedes the text, which says: I confirm that I am 13 years old which appears when the birth year is changed and, finally, they click on the button that says: «Save Changes«.

But why would you put an age of 13 or younger on Facebook? Good question… The social network Facebook takes the protection and safety of the little ones very seriously and for this, one of the measures is that they do not have the Facebook Message button so they cannot receive messages from strangers on Facebook and the idea here is to appear that age so that facebook takes action on it and by making that age change, it automatically removes the facebook message button, that's the trick… Voila!

How to stop strangers from messaging me on facebook | Step 3: Verify

Once the change has been made, you will be able to see that a new birth year (13 years or younger) appears and now it's time to check that the Facebook Message button has been deleted and for these purposes, we must inform you that Facebook has temporarily disabled this utility but if they reactivate it, you can check it like this…. Start by clicking on your name.

They will reach their Facebook account profile and then here, they will have to click on the «View as» that appears next to the other buttons in their Facebook cover photo.

So now your Facebook profile page will reload and an info box will appear stating that this way you will be able to see how the general public sees your profile and you, click on the button that says: «Accept«.

If things have gone well, they will be able to confirm that their Facebook profile does not show the Facebook Message button and this way no outsider or outsider will be able to send them a message on Facebook since the button does not appear anywhere on their profile. Send a message on Facebook and that's it. By the way, to exit the public view of your Facebook profile, all you have to do is click on the «X» which is shown in the black bar at the top so that your profile reloads as you should see it.

Note No. 1: By the way, as time goes by presumably they will be older and the Facebook Message button will reappear and if they want it to not appear, they have to go back to an age of 13 or younger and one last detail, you have to wait at least 7 days between changes of age and the other.

The answer is, in this article: how to stop strangers from messaging me on facebook how to not receive messages on facebook. However, if you wish, you can alternatively use the message filter so that messages from strangers go directly to the trash bin of your Facebook inbox.

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