How to stop Telegram from notifying you of new contacts

How to stop Telegram from notifying you of new contacts

To tell the truth, I like Telegram much more than WhatsApp, in fact the latter usually copies all the features that have been present in the former for years. However, if there's one thing that bothers me about this messaging client, it's the incessant notifications (which fortunately we can block them to breathe easily and save battery among other things), in fact they are so intrusive that they don't even notify when a contact has joined Telegram so that in this way if we want we can open a chat conversation with he. Fortunately, there is an option for stop Telegram from notifying you of new contacts and then in El Poder Del Androide Verde you will learn how to do it in the simplest way possible.

How to remove «A contact joined Telegram» notification forever step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do is enter our favorite messaging client and select the 3 horizontal lines at the top left.

Now a menu will open on the left with several options, among all the only one that interests us is "Settings", let's go in.

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How to hide «Joined Telegram» notification 2022

Within «Settings» we must access the «Notifications and sounds».

How to stop Telegram from notifying me of new contacts quickly and easily 2022

Here we have to scroll until we reach the called section «Events» where we have to deactivate the tab «A contact joined to Telegram».

After unchecking this box, the application will stop sending us notifications each time a number that we have in our agenda is downloaded by the application.

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