How to summon Herobrine in Minecraft on any platform Who is Herobrine?

The popularity of this video game has been so much that one of the giants of the computer world, Microsoft, has acquired Mojang, the company responsible for the video game, for 2,5 billion dollars, and which has only increased its popularity to a level in which we have all heard about him at some point. For this reason, players always try to install the best version of Minecraft to play.

But at the same time urban legends are emerging on the net that generate more and more intrigues: The popular Herobrine. Many users claim to have encountered this being in the fog during their exploration of the Minecraft world, however, who is it?

How to summon Herobrine in Minecraft on any platform Who is Herobrine?

Who is Herobrine?

Far and wide up Internet There are several theories about who this mythical character is within the world of Minecraft, however, the theory most accepted by fans of the video game is that it is Notch's deceased younger brother, being one of the protagonists of this game.

This theory was born following a post in a forum dedicated to the video game, by a user who claimed to have seen Herobrine through a story, in which he stated the following: when he started a new game in creative mode, he was cutting down trees to make a workbench.

At one point he saw something moving in the fog, and since for technical reasons he was using the minimum viewing distance, he thought it was a cow, so he chased it in order to get some leather to make armor, but, when reached, he realized it was an avatar.

He wore the original game skin, but the striking thing is that its eyes were white e without a visible username like the ones that appear in multiplayer mode, of which he made sure twice that he wasn't playing in that mode, therefore, the mysterious character disappeared without a trace, apparently.

During the game he noticed things out of place, and that it was impossible that they had been created by the game engine, such as 2 × 2 tunnels, bare trees and even perfect sand pyramids in the middle of the sea; such was his curiosity that he had to enter the forums to see if anyone else had experienced it.

But he couldn't find any arguments about it, so he decided to create one that was eliminated after five minutes, multiple times. Then he got a message from "Herobrine", that just said «Stop», when he wanted to check the profile, he threw a 404 error; After a while, he investigated with other people who claimed to have experienced the same thing.

It turned out that Herobrine was the username of a Swedish player, but the curiosity was still there, so he investigated and discovered that it was Notch's brother, who, communicating with him, said that he really had a brother, but that unfortunately he had died; quite a disturbing story.

How to summon Herobrine in Minecraft on any platform Who is Herobrine?

How to summon Herobrine

If you want to meet this character, you have to get in Creative Mode, choose a new game and select "D11" in the text box to select the seed of the new world.

Now, you need to look for an island of sand, which you need to flatten to place the summoning tools: a lighter, 8 Nether stones, moss stones, 16 Redstone torches, a turntable and disc 11.

You have to do it in the following way, once the ground is flattened, place the moss stone on the floor of the island and surrounded by Nether stones in a measure of 3 × 3.

Place the giradischi on the mossy stone and surround the Nether stones with torches, then with the lighter set the Nether stones on fire.

Enter the command console and type /gamemode0, which will generate a shocking change over time, and now you have to travel around the island in search of changes in the setting. To find Herobrine, head to the coastal area near the volcano and you will surely have more than one surprise.

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