How to sync contacts from your address book to Instagram

How to sync contacts from your address book to Instagram

Su Instagram we can follow any user, even if they have a private account, since we can send a request to accept it, well there are times when it is difficult for us to find our contacts from the agenda on social networks, but thanks to synchronization we can do it and then follow them in simple way.

Surely more than once you have wanted know if any contact in your address book has an Instagram profile, because with the synchronization of contacts you will be able to know if the contacts in your address book have a profile in the most used social network in the world.

Next, we will show you how to synchronize our contacts from the mobile agenda on instagram in so that it is much easier for us to be able to follow them or see their profiles on the social network.

Follow your mobile contacts on Instagram

As we said before, the advantage that exists by granting Instagram permission to access the contacts in our agenda allows us to find and follow them more easily on the social network. Then follow these steps to sync:

  1. Open Instagram and access your profile.
  2. Now click on three lines which you have at the top right.

  1. Then select the option "Settings".

  1. Click on «Follow and invite friends» where various options are displayed.

  1. You will have to choose the option "Follow contacts". Accept the permissions requested by the app.

From now on then Instagram will search through your contacts who have added their mobile number in the app to be able to add them to the social network, but one step is still missing: follow the contacts you want. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Once our agenda has been synchronized with Instagram, we will have to go to our profile and click on "Settings".

  1. Now let's select «Discover People», all the contacts that have been synchronized with those in your address book will appear in this window and you can then decide whether to follow them or not.

This is the way it exists for sync your address book contacts with Instagram to be able to follow them or see if they have a profile on Instagram and interact with them in a different way.

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