How to travel spending only Bitcoin

How to travel spending only Bitcoin

You can think of Bitcoin as the world's digital currency. Bitcoin is accepted in most countries as one of the leading cryptocurrencies, and if you know how to use it, it can make your trip around the world easier. 

Of course, you should plan and research everything you need to make sure that when you want to travel using Bitcoin, they will accept this cryptocurrency as a form of payment. 

Several travel plans you need to consider when using Bitcoin 

You can adopt various travel plans to spend unforgettable moments using Bitcoin. These are some key points on this topic.    

1. Use your smartphone wallet to take care of your daily expenses 

You can use your smartphone wallet to cover your daily expenses, this will help you cover current expenses while traveling. The best thing about using Bitcoin to cover your expenses is that with a single action you can cancel your entire account.

You need to withdraw the amount needed to cover daily or unexpected expenses. This will allow you to reduce the possibility of losing Bitcoin money and you can enjoy the whole trip in complete peace of mind without any problems. 

2. You need to know which companies accept Bitcoin 

You need to know which companies accept Bitcoin in their transactions, and depending on that, you can use Bitcoin to pay. You need to know if the hotel you are staying in accepts Bitcoin or not. 

You should investigate when you go to buy your tickets in an airline, travel organization or tour guide, whether or not they will accept Bitcoin money. It is the first thing you should find out to know if your journey is feasible using only bitcoins. 

3. Make connections with bitcoin communities  

You can use bitcoin users in the place you will travel and ask them which sites accept Bitcoin. In that case, you can use the national currency to transact temporarily. It is necessary to maintain contact with the Bitcoin community of the places where you are going to travel to get first-hand information, to avoid unpleasant surprises before embarking on a trip. 

You can search for contacts in local Bitcoin groups on Facebook for advice on how to use Bitcoin at your destination. In Argentina, for example, not everyone accepts Bitcoin, so if you plan to travel to that country, you need to contact those operators that accept Bitcoin to make transactions. Knowing the place well can help you have a pleasant trip. 

4. Take some time to research before choosing any destination 

You should spend some time researching which countries accept Bitcoin transactions and to what extent. In fact, it would be better if, if you want to travel using bitcoin, you first look at which countries are more advanced in their adoption and travel to them. You can't take it lightly when planning a trip. There are countries where people prefer national currency as their primary mode of transaction over bitcoins. 

You need to know the place before you start making your Bitcoin transactions. This way you will avoid having problems when selecting the country you want to visit by excessively using your bitcoin to pay. 

5. Be prepared for strange situations  

We all know that Bitcoin prices are volatile. The cost of Bitcoin fluctuates frequently. You should have a current reserve of cash with you to resolve any emergency that may arise when you are traveling. 

We must not take things for granted, to overcome strange situations you need to have a plan B ready. 


Therefore, it became clear that you can spend your holidays using only Bitcoin from the above information. You can visit bitcoin until you get an idea of ​​how you can use bitcoins by visiting the places. 

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