How to turn off Twitter notifications

How to turn off Twitter notifications

If you need to know, how to silence notifications on twitter? In this way, you stop seeing those annoying notifications that appear when you use Twitter and which on more than one occasion have nothing to do with what is done on this social network, so this news will help you… Well, recently Twitter Fortunately , I add a very useful resource for disable or silence notifications on Twitter and so users can use this social interaction service without seeing this type of notifications which, in truth, annoy and distract a lot and it is just that: how to silence notifications on twitter, which we will explain below, if you use Twitter on mobile or on PC.

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How to turn off Twitter notifications from Android

First they must enter their Twitter account respectively and after this, press the icon of nut or gear which is located in the lower right corner and with it a new window will appear and they must press the one that says «Advanced Filters» so now, you can silence Twitter notifications simply by ticking or marking the ones that you consider annoying and which are the following: unfollowed, unfollowed, with a new account, you have a default profile picture , who doesn't have your confirmation email and that you don't have your confirmed phone number and basically, once that's done, you'll be able to silence annoying Twitter notifications.

How to turn off twitter notifications on pc

First they will access their Twitter account with their respective data (telephone, email or username and password) and then they will have to click on the «Profile and settings» which is located at the top of the page on the right (profile picture icon) and with it a menu will appear and they must therefore click on the one that says «Settings and privacy«.

Now you have to click on the option «Notifications» which is located in a window on the left along with all the configuration and privacy options.

With the above the options will open «Notifications" where can you mark or tick the Twitter notifications you want to silence and which are the following: who you don't follow, who don't follow you, with a new account, who have a default profile photo, who don't have their email confirmed, who don't have their phone number confirmed and after setting it up or adapted to their tastes or preferences, they will click on «Save Changes» button and, having done this, they will have been able to successfully turn off Twitter notifications.

Finally, this is the whole procedure on how to silence twitter notifications and thus avoid distractions that sometimes have no reliable identity or their content is of little interest or value.

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