How to turn on the bedtime reminder on YouTube

How to turn on the bedtime reminder on YouTube

Do you watch YouTube videos right before bed? Have you ever fallen asleep with the application that plays videos? It would be nice if there was a way to get to an hour, YouTube will cancel playing the videos. In this way we will avoid falling asleep by playing a song or video on the phone, thus facilitating our rest and saving battery. And the truth is, you can Turn on a bedtime reminder on YouTube, in El Poder Del Android Verde you will learn how to configure it quickly and easily.

What is the YouTube bedtime reminder and what is it for?

It is an option that incorporates the platform app that will allow us to program a time interval in which the application will notify us that it's time to sleep and auto-playing videos will stop. So, YouTube reminds you when to go to sleep, to facilitate your rest and also avoid unnecessary battery costs.

How to add youtube bedtime reminder 2022

turn on the bedtime reminder on YouTube, the first thing we have to do is enter our profile (located in the upper right part) from the official application.

Once inside, we must enter the section that says "Configuration".

Here we will see many options such as activating autoplay, history or notifications. Among all, the only one we need is "General", let's go in.

How to get bedtime reminder on YouTube 2022

  1. We activate the tab for to go to sleep.
  2. We set the time of start and end of the reminder.
  3. We can leave the option to wait for the end of the video to show the reminder active.
  4. Finally, we click on "Accept".

And voila, in this simple way you will know when to stop watching youtube videos at bedtime. Don't forget that if you have any questions you can always leave a comment, it would also be useful to share this content with your social networks, which allows me to move forward.. Thank you!

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