How to turn two-step security verification on or off on Xbox One

The video game console is a tool that, indeed, has become the outlet for many. Endless hours of fun and entertainment with incredible games. However, these tools have increasingly been linked to other technologies, including how turn two-step security verification on and off on Xbox One.

The possibility of linking an account to your console ti made it possible to buy games in a different way. However, these accounts can be in danger if the proper security settings are not in place.

Let's talk a little about Xbox One

It's a good idea to talk about Xbox One first before we tell us how to enable or disable security verification in two steps. As you surely know, the world of consoles has been very changing. And again in recent years, where competition with PlayStation or Nintendo is simply fierce.

How to turn two-step security verification on or off on Xbox One

Xbox One is an eighth generation console launched by Microsoft, through its Xbox brand, in 2013. It specializes primarily in having a series of interesting features. Among the most important, xCloud, Microsoft's cloud gaming platform.

Security is paramount

Xbox One has certainly been a forceful response from Microsoft to the market. Thus becoming a threat to the sales of other consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

However, not all competition comes through the variety of games or the quality of the graphics. But also for the safety parameters. Each of the consoles offers the possibility to create an account on their platforms.

This is done with the aim of maintain user information and progress in certain video games. It also acts as a channel for users to make purchases from the console's virtual store. In addition to installing applications from the Windows Store.

Oral user information, progress and purchase data they can be threatened by hackers. Reason why Microsoft decided to implement two-step verification.

What is Two-Step Verification?

To enable or disable two-step security verification, you need to understand what this feature is. If someone else tries to hack your account, the level of complexity will be increased by activating this option.

Security verification uses a number of methods that try to confirm that, in fact, you are the one logging in. Therefore, even when someone else knows your password, they will not be able to log into your account without passing the security test.

How to turn two-step security verification on or off on Xbox One

Methods used

To access the different items in the Xbox One store, in addition to your Xbox profile, you must have a Microsoft account. Using it, you can enable or disable two-step security verification. In this regard, Microsoft uses three verification methods:

  • With an app.
  • A telephone number.
  • An alternate email address.

How to enable or disable two-step security verification on Xbox One?

Activating this option may not be as fun or easy as other procedures. However, it is extremely important when it comes to protecting your account. Especially if you usually buy or pay for the Xbox Game Pass subscription. To activate the option it is necessary:

  1. Use your browser for enter al your Microsoft account.
  2. Enter the platform security settings.
  3. Click on " Other security options «.
  4. Find the option » Two-step verification «.
  5. At this point, you will select the configuration method that allows you to enable verification.
  6. Microsoft will display a QR code or will send a verification code al device selected for the installation method.

Your account is now more secure!

Now do you want to disable two-step verification? You have to just repeat the first four steps described over it. Only, this time, in the fifth step, you will select the option to disable two-step verification.

However, with this option active, you will enjoy greater peace of mind. Take care of your console! Especially in the summer it prevents it from overheating too quickly and continues to enjoy the fun.

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