How to type backwards on Facebook

How to type backwards on Facebook

Some time ago we explained to you how to write bold on Facebook quickly and easily to highlight some words or texts that you are interested in highlighting in a publication or message on Messenger. Now, it's time to explain in this article: how to write backwards on facebook how interested people do to be able to write letters backwards on Facebook and, in this way, show off with a different type of text that is not used to seeing on this social network and that something difficult for friends and family to read, follow these simple steps.

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How to type backwards on Facebook [Instructions]

To write the letters backwards on Facebook, you must follow these points which we detail below graphically.

Enter a text editor and use it [Step #1]

1.- First, you must enter an online text editor and for this, we advise you to enter «», search for it in Google and then press or click on it.

2.- Then, this online service called will load and here, they will simply enter the text they want to have reversed in the first box.

3.- Automatically, the same text will appear in the second box but in reverse and they simply copy it (Ctrl + c).

Post to Facebook [Step #2]

1.- Now they have to log into Facebook in case they haven't.

2.- They will go to the place where they want to publish the text (Messenger, publication, comment) and insert the previously copied text (Ctrl + v) and press or click on «Public» if it was on their Facebook timeline and so on, it will be emitted.

3.- Voila! text on Facebook will appear upside down, just like they wanted.

In this way or with these steps they will be able to mess up texts on Facebook and with it they will be the sensation and more than one of their friends or family members will have to bend their necks to read their text.

Finally, with this article: how to write backwards on facebook this concern is solved and if that was not enough, you can also underline texts on Facebook, change color and generate many effects that can give a special touch to your texts on Facebook, you understand and implement it.

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