How to type emojis and emoticons with Windows 10 keyboard?

Currently, emojis and emoticons are essential elements in digital communication. It is customary to use these symbols on smartphones, but how type emojis and emoticons with the keyboard of Windows 10? In this article, you will learn how to write emoji text from your computer.

Although it is possible to use hidden emojis on the Android and iOS mobile phone, what about the computer? So we will answer this question, so you can add emoticons and emojis in Windows

How to type emojis and emoticons with Windows 10 keyboard?

One of the peculiarities that Windows 10 has brought in 2018 was the virtual keyboard with an emoticon selector. This tool was added due to a request from users for inserting emojis from word processors or notepad.

Here's everything you need to know about emojis and emoticons, and how to type them using the Windows 10 keyboard.

What is an emoji?

Today, you can even create your own Emoji for Android and iOS, but what is an Emoji? An emoji is a symbol or character used to send a message from the web or electronically. The term emoji comes from the Japanese language and means "drawing" e "personage". Emojis are very popular for text conversations on a smart device.

What are emojis for?

Emojis are communication elements that enrich a text message by giving it a better expression. They are practical, allow you to convey sensations and at the same time can be a lot of fun.

When a message including one or more emojis, the recipient perceives that communication improves through the representation of a real emotion that replaces facial expressions and gestures.

In fact, it is even possible to insert emojis in WhatsApp contacts, with the intention of completely customizing the application.

How to type emojis and emoticons with Windows 10 keyboard?

What is an emoticon?

An emoticon is a drawing that conveys emotions through a means of communication. They are widely used in contexts where formal language is not required and allow for the expression of feelings, words, texts and ideas. Therefore, users can communicate with expressions of joy, sadness, fear or laughter through an image called "emoticon".

What is the importance of emojis and emoticons?

Emoji and emoticons are essential for conversations on social networks. Furthermore, a drawing could represent even more than words. Currently they are part of everyday language because they synthesize ideas and emotions, expanding the value of symbolic communication.

Type emojis and emoticons with the Windows 10 keyboard

It is very easy to type emojis and emoticons via the keyboard of the Windows 10 operating system. In this sense, Microsoft has added a emoji and emoticon selector a which you can access via a keyboard shortcut.

Note that you can also insert emoticons or emojis in Microsoft Word, being a different process than what we show in this article.

The emoji and emoticon selector

The emoji and emoticon picker in Windows 10 works with a virtual keyboard and is displayed to the user in a floating window. The operating system saves this selector so that you can access it using a secret combination.

Activate the emoji and emoticon selector

To be able to view the emoji and emoticon selector, you must press the key “Win +”. simultaneously from the keyboard. This way you can activate the switch. There you will find some categories of emoji and options to change the skin tone of some emoticons.

Write emojis and emoticons

Once you access the emoji picker, type in your search and it will appear as an underlined text. Therefore, when add emoji, the text that has been underlined will be replaced.

How to type emojis and emoticons with Windows 10 keyboard?

Another alternative to access the emoji and emoticon picker in Windows 10

There is another way to activate the emoji and emoticon selector in Windows 10. To follow this alternative, right click on the "toolbar" and select the option "Show il touch keyboard button ". Subsequently, a new icon will appear in the toolbar and clicking on it will display the virtual keyboard.

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