How to type faster on the keyboard - Learn to type

In the present day that we are experiencing, it is imperative learn to type on the keyboard   of the PC and not on the mobile phone, quickly and without having to constantly look at it. And this practice would be very important to do, if I joined the growing boom in online jobs and found a job as a copywriter.

If not for this reason, it could also be due to the time you spend building a project for your school when using the Microsoft Word text editor in Office.

Whatever the cause or reason that prompts you to turn on, this tutorial with simple steps and technique will show you how to type faster on the keyboard, learn to type.

How to type faster on the keyboard - Learn to type

How to type faster on the keyboard, learn to type

To perform this learning, it is very convenient for you to know that although techniques are given and explained to you to learn to type faster on the keyboard. You have to practice a lot, plus, this is the real way to get absolute mastery when typing on a computer. As daily practice will give you mastery.

The first thing you can do is go to your computer and through the browser download the images related to finger position on the keyboard. There are many images that you can download that help you to have a correct positioning of the hands on the keyboard. So you can learn how to put your hands and which fingers to press each letter with.

These images you can download and have for reference on your screen, but you can also use the virtual keyboard and you can see that the letters on the keyboard they are arranged in a particular way. This distribution of letters on the keyboard is universal, so you will always find the letters in the same place. That's why when you put your hands on, each finger corresponds to a letter.

How to use the template to place your fingers on the keyboard

To do this, you have to put yourself in the center of the keyboard from A to Ñ, that is, each girl corresponds to the letter A and the letter Ñ. then right little finger Ñ, ring finger L, middle finger K, index J. And left little finger A, ring finger S, middle D, index F. And thumbs on the space bar.

This way our hand will rest on the keyboard, but each finger also corresponds to multiple keys on the keyboard.

That is why the little finger of the left hand is also assigned the keys Z, Q, 1, F1, uppercase escape, Ctrl. The cancellation corresponds to the keys X, W, 2, F2. The middle finger corresponds to the key C, E, 3, F3, and the little finger corresponds to V, B, G, R, T, 4, 5, F4, F5.

For the right hand, the little finger corresponds to the keys P, 0, F10, F11, F12, enter, delete. To the ring finger correspond the keys point, colon, O, 9, F9, to the middle one correspond the keys comma, semicolon, I, 8, F8. And for the index corresponds M, N, H, Y, U, 7, 6, F6, F7.

So by following these instructions you can learn to type faster and which finger corresponds to pressing each key. And you should start writing slowly, so that each finger gets used to moving and pressing the key that corresponds to it.

Remember to do this very slowly and look at your model that contains the image, to know which finger has to press which key.

How to type faster on the keyboard - Learn to type

You have to practice a lot and little by little you will see that without having to see the model you will know where to press and you will do it faster and faster. In this way you will learn to type faster on the keyboard and simply looking at what you are typing without having to see the keys.

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