How to unblock iPhone Telegram channels

How to unblock iPhone Telegram channels

We will teach you how to unblock i iPhone Telegram channels. Of course you use Telegram on your iPhone. And not only to chat with your friends, but also and above all to follow the topics that interest you, through the many channels available on the platform. However, something strange happened a few days ago. You can no longer access yours favorite channels and you would like to know if there is a way to deal with it.

How to Unblock iPhone Telegram Channels: What You Should Know First

Before entering the tutorial to find out Eat Sbloccare i Canali Telegram your iPhone, it is important to make some clarifications on the channels of this appreciated platform, and on procedures that can be put into practice.

To begin with, let's try to figure out exactly what Telegram channels are. In case you still aren't clear on it, channels are essentially group conversations, similar in some respects to whatsapp groups, for example. But they have some differences.

The channels were designed to be read by a large audience. They can interact with what is published by the owner and by any administrator, but cannot speak «freely». Channels usually revolve around a specific topic and that's what they're talking about. For example: an apparel deals channel.

That is why it is necessary to make a clear distinction between public and private channels! The former have a username, can be found by almost anyone and can be followed by everyone. The latter, however, are closed and to be able to follow them it is necessary to be entered directly by the owner or by the administrators. Or you must have a invitation link.

Reasons to block the channel

That said, the inability to access a certain channel occurs when, for various reasons (for example, sharing copyrighted material or violating platform rules), Apple blocks it, preventing its use on iOS and macOS.

In this case, when yes tries to join the channel of interest from an Apple device, the following message is displayed: «This channel is not available for (reason)». However, it happens very often that a Telegram channel can also be blocked by mistake, so trying to figure out how to get around the obstacle is certainly very useful.

In this sense, it is necessary to specify that at the moment there is no system to unlock channels in the strict sense of the term. However, there are some simple tactics you can use that will still allow you to log in.

How to unblock Telegram channels on iPhone

Having made the aforementioned clarifications, let's get to the heart of the matter and find out, together, eat sbloccare i canali Telegram your iPhone. Or rather, how to access them in the same way, even when they are blocked. You can do this by taking advantage of two different spaces, which are described below.

First method to unblock Telegram channels

If you want to access a blocked Telegram channel from your iPhone, the first method I suggest is use the service via the webdirectly from your device. From there, you won't have the slightest problem accessing the channels that interest you.

So the first critical step what you should consider is note the name of the channel What do you want to show, take the iPhone, unlock it, go to the home screen and start the safari. In any case, the application you usually use to browse the web from your mobile.

At this point, go to the Telegram site and log into your account on the famous messaging service by typing your phone number in the corresponding field, tapping the next entry at the top right. Then type in the code a bars received by message in the Telegram application in the field under Enter your code.

After logging in, tap the magnifying glass symbol located at the top right, type the name of the Telegram channel a you want to access in the Search field. Select the most relevant suggestion from those listed. Once done, you will finally be able to access the channel. It was easy, right?

second method

As an alternative to the method described in the previous chapter, you can try accessing Telegram channels that are blocked on your iPhone by implementing a second procedure. However, you can only follow if you're already subscribed to the channel you want to join. Also note that unfortunately the system in question is not always effective.

To start, take your iPhone, unlock it, go to the home screen and tap the Telegram app icon. Then select the conversation relating to the Telegram channel of your interest and wait for the message that the channel is blocked to appear.

At this point, close the Telegram app, go back to the home screen, tap the gear icon (the one with the gear) and turn off the Wi-Fi and/or data connection (depending on what is enabled on your device). By pressing, respectively, the items Wi-Fi and Mobile and OFF, the switches that you find on the screens.

In addition to the way I just pointed out to you, you can disable the Wi-Fi connection as well as the one provided from the iOS Control Center. To access, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen (on iPhone X and later) or swipe up from the bottom (on all other iPhone models).

Then press the button with the Wireless Plugs and/or where you have an antenna, to make them transparent, to deactivate, respectively, the Wifi connection and the data connection.

Now, reopen the Telegram application on your device, select the conversation relating to the channel that interests you and if all goes well, you should finally be able to access the content it contains. Unfortunately, however, when you reactivate your internet connection, the channel will once again be inaccessible.

In case of dubbi or problem

You followed my instructions exactly on how to unblock Telegram channels on iPhone, but during the work there were obstacles that you could not overcome?

Well, under the circumstances, the best advice I can give you is to take a look at the section FAQ on Telegram. There you can find numerous questions with ready answers that may be useful to you.

In addition to browsers, Telegram FAQs can also be accessed directly through the Telegram app for iOS. To log in, simply open the Telegram app. Tap on voice settings which you find at the bottom right of the main screen and then on the Telegram FAQ entry.

If you do not continue as I have just indicated that you can solve, I suggest you consider sending a message to the Telegram staff. To do this, visit the corresponding web page, write the message (preferably in English) you want to send, in the text field located under the heading Describe your problem. Enter your address Email in the field below the wording Your email, enter your telephone number in the field under the heading Your telephone number; and finally click the blue Submit button.

I hope I was helpful, now without problems you will know how to unblock iPhone Telegram channels.

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