How to uninstall or remove games and users from PS4 without deleting games

Currently there is an addiction that has millions of people in front of the screens and those are video games, if you have a PS4 console you can download the games from an Android mobile or PlayStation Now.

There are so many games that the memory of the consoles is not large enough to store the data of your games and the weight of the game itself, the best option to continue enjoying the games you are passionate about is delete them completely from the console.

It sounds scary, since deleting a game means deleting your game, throwing away all those hours of gameplay that have been well spent, but don't worry if you want to know how to uninstall or delete a game from your PS4. without eliminating your effort, Keep reading.

Delete a game from your PS4 console

First of all you must know that when you delete a game your data will not be lost thanks to the fact that they will continue to be stored in the memory of the console thanks to the fact that they weigh less than the game. The installation data has nothing to do with i saved data. Leave the crisis behind and relax a bit, to get rid of the games you need to do the following:

  1. First, turn on your console and enter your user profile.
  2. Select the game you want to delete.
  3. There will be no need to go into crisis, as once you uninstall the game at a later time, you will be able to reinstall it and go back to where you left off.
  4.  Take control of the console and press the little one button for "Options".
  5. After performing this action, a menu will appear on the screen and there you will have to select the option "Remove" with the X key.
  6. Now the system will ask you for confirmation once selected "Accept" you will have to wait a while for the game to be completely removed from the console.
  7. Once this step is complete, the removal is complete and the console space will be slightly increased.
  8. If at any point you feel like playing it again, you'll just have to use the CD to install it again.

How to uninstall or remove games and users from PS4 without deleting games

It's as easy as apply the tricks for PS4 and even if it hurts for a few moments later you will be able to resume the games you had saved. It will be as if nothing ever happened. But this happiness won't be the same when you delete a user from your console, as doing so will lose all game data, but there is an effective way to prevent this from happening.

Storage data 

  • The solution is to upload the data to the online archive. To do this, follow these short steps:
  1. Go up "Settings".
  2. Select the option “Manage application saved data.
  3. Finally you have to choose the option “Data saved in system memory”.
  4. Select all the game data you don't want to lose. 
  5. Select "Load" and in seconds you will have a recovery copy of your saved games.

Once these steps are done, all your data will be stored and you won't lose it even if you delete a user from your PS4. Now you just have to delete the account of extra users from your console and for this you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First you need to log into the main console profile.
  2. Go up "Settings".
  3. Among the many options that will be presented to you, you have to choose the one that says: "Users".
  4. Once there, a list will appear with all the users created on the PS4 console.
  5. Choose the user you want to delete and press the X button.
  6. Finally, the system will ask you to confirm your actions, select "Confirm or Accept" and the user will be deleted.

How to uninstall or remove games and users from PS4 without deleting games

As soon as you have performed all the steps explained, log back into the main console user account, to ensure that the changes you made have been made.

If you want delete more than one user, you will have to repeat the same procedure over and over again, and then make sure of the changes, although it is best to check first that all the data these users have is well saved, so you do not have to regret your decisions later.

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