How to Unlock or Unlock Motorola Phone for Free? - Step by step guide

If what you've read has scared you, don't worry, it won't be hacking what you do at phone, much less anything outside the law. The technology is so advanced that now even your own carrier, with whom you purchased the plan, can unlock the your phone and for free!

Unlock a Motorola phone for free, easy and simple

First of all to know, and to have knowledge, usually the telephone companies block the phones, for prevent you from using them in another operator (and even more so if you have a fixed monthly plan with them).

This has nothing to do with unlocking a Motorola cellphone with a pattern, pin or password, much less unlocking an Android cellphone if you forget your pattern or password, but with a look beyond simple.

But under certain circumstances, they themselves can release your phone very easily, once the contract is concluded (and if you apply for it), or by paying a Part Three.

The prerequisites you must meet are the following:

  • Be registered with the company
  • Cannot be reported (blocked, lost, among others)
  • The account needs to be updated
  • The contract must have been concluded or terminated.
  • If the team is associated with an account that has been canceled, it must have 0 debts

If you meet all these requirements to be able to unlock a Motorola phone for free. You shouldn't have any problems.

How to Unlock or Unlock Motorola Phone for Free? - Step by step guide


Lifesaving operators

In the list will be named three phones fallen from the sky that allow us to free the phone at the price of nothing, completely free and without anything illegal.

With Telcel, you must first belong to the Telcel league, if you meet that requirement you must go up «Unlock Telcel mobile phones», select your phone model, enter the “Telcel number to quattro cifre”, enter the "IMEI »Of your team, the page will show you the «Unlock code».

You just have to insert the SIM and ready to turn on, the second Movistar series, this is even simpler, you just have to contact the company, this you can do, in "Movistar Customer Service Centers" e «Online application».

In the case of Movistar Prepago, they send a release code within 24 working hours. And if it's Postpaid, even in 24 hours the company will validate if you meet the requirements and then send you a code.

Finally we have ATYT, for these you just have to go to a service center of that company («ATYT Customer Service Centers» e «800-063-9835»).

With cost as a last resort

There are several online services which also offer to unlock a phone for free, without having to call the operator, these are obviously paid but are just as legal and legitimate.

However, you need to be careful, as in some cases the option they use relies on resetting or restarting the Motorola phone to factory settings.

For example there is Movical, you just have to give the same information to the company (you have to trust of course), and they will make the release within 24 hours, there are many ways to pay like Mastercard and PayPal, and their cost is usually not very high.


How to Unlock or Unlock Motorola Phone for Free? - Step by step guide

Since there are a lot of pages, you just need to find one that is legal and trustworthy for make your release. However, it is always advisable to complete the service with your operator and have him take care of it.

This way you avoid headaches and, of course, end a successful relationship with your company. It may sound silly but having your phone unlocked is very important, so you can use it however you want and wherever you want, because a phone tied to a single company is useless.

Finally and as a warning, you shouldn't unlock a Motorola phone for free by illegal means. These can block your IMEI and that's worse than having the SIM disabled. Self you don't want a movable paperweight, use this guide to do good.

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