How to update my T500 Smartwatch to the latest version - Check for updates

However, like all devices, T500 smartwatches need to be kept up-to-date, as these developer-created updates work to add new features such as allowing keyboard apps to be downloaded, improving existing features, and resolve errors and problems with the system device Smartwatch T500.

In case you own a T500 Smartwatch device and don't know how to update it, that's no problem as in this article we will show you in detail how to update your T500 Smartwatch smartwatch.

How to update my T500 Smartwatch to the latest version - Check for updates

How do I know if I need an update for my smartwatch?

Sometimes users forget to update T500 Smartwatch devices, because this device's it usually does not notify you when the company launches a new update available for download, so you will have to manually check via your device settings if there is a new update to download.

To do this, you need to enter the settings section of your Smartwatch device and verify that it is connected to your mobile phone and connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once this is done, open the T500 Smartwatch application on your mobile phone and access the device option.

Within this section you will be able to see the legal information of the Smartwatch T500 e You can also see available version updates, for this, click on the option, updates available, so that the application can search for new updates for the system. In case no updates are available, it will simply remain the same version.

Check the version of your device

To check if any updates are available, you can also choose to search for the latest update on the internet and compare it with the version your Smartwatch T500 currently has, if it is an older version, you can start the update process using your Smartwatch application T500 on the mobile phone.

How to update my T500 Smartwatch to the latest version - Check for updates

Find out how to manually download updates for your T500 Smartwatch

There is currently only one way to update your T500 Smartwatch device, ed it is through the application of the same watch, the HiWatch app, in case you have problems with the same application to update the system of your Smartwatch T500 you can try to update the application through the official Google Play Store.

To do this, go to the Play Store on your mobile device and look in the downloaded applications section, the HiWatch app and check if it has any updates available. In case you keep getting errors, you can also use another alternative app to connect your T500 Smartwatch device, such as the app Fitpro.

Activate or deactivate the automatic updates of your Smartwatch in the Play Store

To avoid the inconvenience with the updates of the Smartwatch T500 applications you can activate the function offered by the official Google Play Store so that the applications can be updated automatically, so you don't have to worry anymore when a new update comes out.

To activate or deactivate the automatic update function in the Google Play Store, you must open the application and open your account menu, select the settings option, in it enter "Network preferences" and then automatically update the apps.

Pressing on this option will open a menu with different options, enable the option "Only via wifi" or in case you want to update also with mobile data, enable the option "Through any network", once you run this application it will automatically update itself whenever it detects a stable internet connection.

How to update my T500 Smartwatch to the latest version - Check for updates

Is a T500 Smartwatch clone or an updated Chinese version the same as a regular one?

It is known that there are also various Chinese replica devices, or clones, of the T500 Smartwatch devices, so users who have these devices do not know how to update these watches.

The truth is that in both cases it is updated in the same way, using the T500 Smartwatch application, although it should be noted that in the case of a T500 Smartwatch replica device it will not have the same functions and benefits of an original T500 Smartwatch watch. Time to update it.

So it is always advisable to try to verify that the device you buy is an original T500 Smartwatch and not a Chinese replica. Since these devices usually have various drawbacks, both in the system, and when you want to wind the watch.

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