How to upload a GIF to my Instagram account

How to upload a GIF to my Instagram account

I know, you are going through the same problem that I went through… I didn't know how to upload a GIF to my Instagram account and just, I had a really cool GIF that I wanted Instagram post in so that I could show off to my friends and well, I just had to go around and mess around with the internet to finally come up with a great solution that would let you upload GIFs to Instagram for free and without any inconvenience or hassle in the process and that, of course, today I want to share with all of you so that you stop suffering >how to post a gif on instagram and not die trying, I am sure this solution will help you.

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How to upload a GIF to my Instagram account | Requirements

First of all, and even if it seems logical or basic, it should be clear that for put GIFs on Instagram you need the following:

  • You must have an Instagram account: in fact, to be able to post GIFs on Instagram you must have, yes or yes, a user account on this social network since otherwise it will not be possible to upload GIFs, photos or videos. Get started here by creating an account first.
  • You must have a GIF – Surely you must have an animated GIF on your mobile to be able to upload it and to have one, you can use a mobile app to create your GIFs and then you can upload it (refer to the link above) or, they can search those portals specialized in GIFs or in Google images with the term “GIF” precisely, a GIF that is cool enough or that they consider attractive to be able to publish on Instagram.

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  • You have to use an external service: note that to upload a GIF to Instagram it is necessary to use an external service since it cannot be done directly -from Instagram- so far and this tutorial has the task of explaining the procedure how to upload a GIF to Instagram from an excellent online service , step by step.

Having clarified these points, let's move on to action!

Upload a GIF to Instagram | Step 1

Having a GIF on their mobile, the process of publishing that GIF on Instagram will begin and to do so they will use an online service that allows, in a good way, to convert the GIF into a video that respects, yes, standard Instagram, come on! So the first thing you should do is log in or enter the online service «» that allows you to do this magic… or to be able to upload a GIF to Instagram for free and for this you have 2 ways.

  • Entering with the URL: they must correctly write the URL of this website in the address bar viz then, a « Submit» to upload it and they will be on the first page or home of Giphy.
  • Entering with the search engine: they will have to write in the search engine they use (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.) the name that identifies this service, namely « Giphy» and then click on « Submit» then that Then, load the results and now, click again on the correct result, which is usually the first one, and you will get to the Giphy home page.

Upload a GIF to Instagram | Step 2

Already on the cover of Giphy, we will proceed to click on the button that says «Charge» and which is precisely, in the upper part at the top, something to the right.

Upload a GIF to Instagram | Step 3

With the previous step a new page will open where you will be shown different ways or options for upload a certain GIF to giphy  and that is: drag and drop the animated GIF, search the GIF in your files or copy and paste the URL of the GIF, they can choose the one that suits them best.

Upload a GIF to Instagram | Step 4

Once the previous step has been done, i.e. choosing the GIF and uploading it to this online service, a central window will then be displayed where you will have the possibility to write in the boxes the Tags separated by commas which are obviously related to the GIF and will insert a URL and this this is how other users can discover that GIF and also share it on their social networks. Finally, click the button » upload gif » and that GIF will be processed.

Upload a GIF to Instagram | Step #5

Now, in the new window that has opened, you can actually see the Gifs and a little further down the different sharing options on social networks, which are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, among others. Well, in the case that interests us in this article, you must click on the Instagram icon.

A small window will open where it says » We will create a GIF that can be posted on Instagram. Where should we send it? » and then, you have to enter your email or electronic mail in the box and then, you have to click on Send.

Upload a GIF to Instagram | Step #6

With the previous action performed, Giphy will send a message to your email with the GIF ready so it can be posted to your Instagram account and now you will have to enter your email, open that message and download the file for later, upload it to your Instagram account, done.

Nota 1 | Sometimes, this message doesn't show up in your inbox and goes straight to your junk or spam folder, so you should check there, if you don't see it in your inbox.

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