How to upload your music to Instagram Stories

How to upload your music to Instagram Stories

Sometimes we feel like upload music to Instagram Stories so that our followers can discover it and listen to the whole song. This is only possible if we perform some specific steps, which allow us to click the music link from the Stories themselves.

The most common is to upload the songs with the Instagram Stories "Music" sticker, which is integrated into the app itself. The problem is that it won't let you listen to more than 15 seconds of music, and when you tap the Stories sticker, it won't let you open the theme in another application.

The solution is upload music via the Spotify mobile app, so whoever sees the Stories can click on a link that allows them to listen to the song from their Spotify account (if they don't have the app installed, the player opens Web).

When we upload stories through this system we cannot include our own photos or videos, although we can enrich them with text, GIFs, filters and other elements. So it is clearly aimed at sharing music, compared to the sticker, which instead serves to put a "soundtrack" to our contents.

Songs linking to Spotify in Stories

Before each, we must have Spotify installed on your mobile together with Instagram, as this system for uploading music cannot be used directly from the social network app. Once this requirement is met, the steps are as follows:

  1. Once we have identified the topic that interests us, we press on the three dots icon to the right of the song, which appears in all sections of Spotify (search engine, lists, playback window, etc.):

  1. So let's choose "Share" in the list that opens:

  1. In the bottom window that opens we choose Instagram To upload music to Stories:

  1. Now we have to click "Send to" to publish the Story and before you can edit it. For example, change the size, position and rotate the album cover (it is mandatory to appear), also add elements such as text, GIFs, filters or polls. On the other hand, it does not allow us to embed our photos or videos.

  1. Finally, we will click the button «Share» of «Your Story» To upload the song, it is also possible to choose the list of best friends on Instagram so that only they see the Stories, or even send them via private Instagram Direct messages.

  1. About will see Stories will have a text «Play on Spotify» in the upper left area, which automatically opens the app for listening to music:

Basically, we have to go through the standard process used to share Spotify music to Instagram Stories, as the social network doesn't support alternatives like Apple Music, Deezer, Tilda or Amazon Music.

Other types of music on Instagram

Unfortunately, the other options for uploading music to Instagram Stories are not as complete, although they are worth mentioning, because for specific uses they may be more flexible than just using Spotify.

Here are three additional tricks for uploading songs to Instagram:

«Music» Sticker for Instagram

It is the most used method, as it allows us to insert background music over any content that we want to upload to Stories. The sticker appears next to other Instagram elements and can be placed in different sizes and formats (album cover or song lyrics).

Stories can include up to 15 seconds of music, clicking on the sticker allows us to listen to the first minute of the song, but without a link to open it in another app. Obviously the catalog of the cartoon, although it doesn't indicate it to us, belongs to Spotify, including a search engine without limitations of any kind.

Links in Stories

We have already explained how to insert links in Instagram Stories, and it would really be the perfect method to upload music, as it would allow us to connect to YouTube or any streaming platform in total freedom.

The problem is that Instagram requires at least 10.000 followers to link in Stories, so most users will not be able to opt for this method.

One trick would be to insert links in the Instagram bio and, from there, redirect to the music we want to upload. This makes sense if we want to promote these songs (for example, if we're artists), not punctually share a song we liked.

Record stories with the camera

It's a pretty rudimentary trick, but it can help us in some cases. We'll just have to upload videos with the music playing to YouTube or another platform, which in this case won't even include links to open in other apps.

You can upload up to four 15-second stories at a time, which is one minute total. In principle, this system will not infringe the copyright of music on Instagram, which is only problematic in live shows, so Stories will not be deleted even if they include commercial songs.

As a last tip, instead of uploading the music, we can write the title of the song in the Stories and encourage users to search for it in their favorite music streaming app. It will be much less effective than a direct link, although it also depends on the interest of our followers.

In summary, uploading music to Instagram Stories is simple and, although there is no perfect method that will give us all the freedom we want, the restrictions are not as important as in other sections of the social network.

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