How to use and activate the Gboard clipboard for Android? - Step by step

The conservation of the information stored on the phone has acquired new meanings over the years. You no longer have to go through digital bureaucracy systems where you had to copy information to paste it into a note or chat application to store it.

In this sense, the implementation of notes on computers and cell phones was one very useful tool when it comes to having information that you found interesting and that you want to share with more people at different times.

What are the notes for?

The clipboard is an information storage tool (text or image) that will allow you to transfer that content, for example, to a document.

This is possible, mainly, thanks to the implementation of keyboard shortcuts that were included by Apple in the early 80s related to the action of copy, cut and paste.

How to use and activate the Gboard clipboard for Android? - Step by step

These mechanisms would later be adopted by Windows and, although it does not have a keyboard that would allow the application of key combinations, it would also be a tool used on smartphones.

The Google keyboard

Gboard is an application from the Google company available for all Android and iOS devices in their respective application stores.

It is a tool that offers users a number of options to make their keyboard a much more complete element.

How does Gboard work?

This application, which has 4,5 / 5 and more than 1 billion downloads on Google Play, is perfect tool to perform actions that you should normally perform through your browser.

How to use and activate the Gboard clipboard for Android? - Step by step

  • Close GIF.
  • Using the translator.
  • You can search for images.
  • You can also do any kind of search through Google.

All this and more are possible without having to leave the chat, thanks to the tools that Gboard has for you.

Activating Gboard

The first thing you should do to take advantage of Gboard services is, of course, look for it in the application store that corresponds to your operating system. Smartphone.

Once installed, you will be able to start living the experience offered by this extraordinary application and be able to explore all its options.

  • When Gboard is installed on your phone, you will only have to locate the Google icon in the upper left corner of the keyboard.
  • With this action, another set of tools made available by the application will appear, such as «stickers», «gifs», among others. Finally, three dots should appear. Click on them.
  • A new menu will appear on your screen, where you can enjoy the clipboard function, among other options.
  • As this is your first time using the Gboard app, you will be prompted to activate the clipboard function to start storing the information you copy to your phone.

View clipboard

There isn't much else to do after the previous point, aside from getting started copy information from some page or chat to see how they will be stored in the application via the Clipboard option. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Click the "Google" icon again.
  2. Enter the "notes" option following the same procedure as in the previous procedure.
  3. After clicking on the Clipboard option, all the texts you copied will be displayed. The presentation of its conservation will take place through small boxes that will show a small excerpt of its contents.
  4. Gboard's notes they also store images. Therefore, when you take a screenshot, you can also view them in the clipboard of your keyboard.

Add to options bar

The procedure can seem like something really boring. However, given the customizable nature of this app, it is possible to establish shortcuts or alternatives to access this option more easily.

  • When you re-enter the Google icon and the option of three points to access the menu containing the clipboard tool, you can click on it and drag it to the options bar.
  • In this way, the notes will be anchored to the options bar along with search tools, gifs and stickers.

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