How to use Gaussian blur and use it to apply the miniature effect in Corel Photo Paint

Image editing is a skill that many people have been able to develop thanks to different programs, as in the case of Corel Photo Paint which allows you to create the miniature effect with the Gaussian blur. You can also work with the Bokeh Blur effect or the Motion Blur effect.

Through these modifications it is possible to play with the design of the image to change the perception that the human eye receives from a photograph.

On the other hand, this program announced and launched by Corel, works as a very practical tool based on the variability of functions that has.

Through the following step by step, you will be able to understand and learn how to use this blur effect in your images.

What is this program based on?

Already mentioned above, it is known that Photo Paint (announced and distributed by the Corel company), is a professional image editing program through its bitmap, directly related to its resolution.

As is known, the photo editing is its main focus, but at the same time the software interface allows you to create content from scratch.

In this way, you can offer users who use it the following functions:

  • Manipulation and treatment of characters.
  • Use of creative filters on the image.
  • Cloning tool.
  • Interface with a comfortable working environment.
  • Series of brushes with configurable and quick to use textures.
  • Color graduation.
  • Retouching images by changing color, saturation, hue and blur.
  • Use of third party plug-ins like Photoshop to expand the editing range.


Method for obtaining a miniature effect with Gaussian blur

Based on the Gaussian bell, the degree of blur you get is hazy vision used for to shift the focus of the image away from its flared curves.

How to use Gaussian blur and use it to apply the miniature effect in Corel Photo Paint

In this way, the information about the pixels that have been scattered are responsible for the improving the quality of bitmaps of the photograph being edited.

This effect can be applied to an entire image layer or to a specific section that has been selected within it.

It is gradually increased or decreased via a slider on the radius and in turn also allows you to enter the number of pixels of blur you want.

The miniature effect, on the other hand, is used so that an image, usually of landscapes or cities, give the perception of looking at a model.

This is achieved by changing the depth of field of the image content and by changing the brightness, contrast and color.

The reason the miniature effect is used with Gaussian blur is because the focus dispersion achieved with this method allows you to refine the result of the landscape layout.

Instructions for getting the miniature effect

The first thing to do is to select the set of objects you want to keep in focus, preferably those that are in the first row.

How to use Gaussian blur and use it to apply the miniature effect in Corel Photo Paint

To do this, you will find in the small line displayed on the left side of the screen the button » Brush mask tool ". Here you can select the best type of option that suits the arrangement of the objects in the image.

An advantage of applying the miniature effect with Corel Photo Paint's Gaussian blur is that the top bar ensures changes in the range selected with a brush.

After selecting the blur range, at the top you will find the option » Invert mask »Which will allow you to disperse the external focus on objects with a brush.

In carrying out these preliminary steps, you should only access the tab " Effects ", click on " Blur »And select the option» Gaussian blur «.

At the moment a small window will appear with a slider inside which you can adjust the blur that you will apply to the image.

Finish by pressing the button » OK »And you just have to access the details» Settings »To change the image in» Brightness / Contrast / Intensity «.

In this way you will be able to guarantee a miniature effect in a very simple and effective way within this program.

If you are interested in knowing all the effects for correcting images that Corel Photo Paint has, remember to check the effects tool, don't limit yourself to working only with effects, you can also change the color of the image.

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