How to use recorder lock on WhatsApp

How to use recorder lock on WhatsApp

Usually send voice messages on whatsapp?If so, I'm sure you'll love this new feature of your favorite messaging client. Everyone knows that every time you send an audio through this application we have to press and hold the microphone, this is boring because we always have a busy hand. This is where this new feature comes into play. Today we will learn how to use recorder lock on whatsapp.

What is it and what is the purpose of blocking the WhatsApp recorder microphone?

Well, to have hands free while we record our voice message. This is very useful in the event that we go to the car and we need to send a voice message, this way we will have both hands on the steering wheel.

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How to use recorder lock on Whatsapp? 2022

The first thing we will have to have is version 218.102. Once installed we go to a chat and click icon of microphone.

Swipe up to block WhatsApp microphone

Time press and hold recorder e you will see how appare the icon of a «Padlock», fai scroll the recorder to that icon, until the lock closes. When it appears closed, the audio will be blocked and we will be able to stop pressing your finger on the microphone icon.

Send the voice message

send audio is  just click on the icon «Send».

Mute voice audio with recorder lock

mute with microphone blocker, just press "Cancel".

And voila, you know how to use a recorder lock on whatsapp, in a few steps. If you have any doubts about something, leave me a comment and I will answer you, I hope you share this content, it would help me a lot to move forward, thanks for being there!

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