How to use Snap Camera for live streaming on YouTube | Snapchat

Until a few years ago Snapchat was one of the best known social networks and one of the most used by iOS and Android users. Now the Snap camera has been revamped and brought to market to use all Snapchat filters in Live Streaming such as YouTube.

Millions of users have used the Snapchat platform for the quality of its selfie filters. Their filters were innovation and offered something different on Social Networks. But its biggest competitor, Instagram ITA, he understood the rules of the game and imitated the application of filters on his platform.

However, the quality of Snapchat filters is superior and they have now decided to innovate with Snap Camera for Windows and Mac users. Snap Camera allows you to apply Snapchat's signature filters to live video or video calls.

How to use Snap Camera for direct streaming to YouTube

Nothing more original than a good camera filter to make a live video. You can add a touch of personalization to the video, in addition to grab the attention of other users.

How to use Snap Camera for live streaming on YouTube | Snapchat

How Snap Camera works to stream live on YouTube is very simple. Only the PC camera needs to be replaced by the Snap Camera program. At the time of the broadcast, you will have it available all filters Snapchat application to use them on YouTube.

For this to work earlier, you need to set up the Live Broadcasting feature on the YouTube channel.

  1. The main thing is download Snap Camera from its official page.
  2. Accept the privacy agreement and leave your email in case you wish to receive information about Snap Camera.
  3. After downloading the installation file to your PC, proceed with the installation. It is quite simple and intuitive, in a few minutes Snap Camera will be installed.
  4. When you first open the application, an introduction appears briefly explaining how it works Snap camera. When finished, just press the Finish button.
  5. The application interface is simple, the camera image is displayed, and the filters that you can apply are shown just below. Most important first, followed by category filters.
  6. Select the filter you want to use for live streaming on YouTube.

note: After installing the Snap Camera, you need to restart the browser to detect the new camera functions.

YouTube channel setup

  1. Now look in your browser for the YouTube channel in which you will transmit.
  2. Click the button with the camera icon. The button is located at the top right of the page. This is to start the live broadcast.
  3. A new window opens in which you need to configure the data for the live broadcast, including the broadcast name.
  4. Select More Options and click the option Webcam default.
  5. The default webcam option you should choose is Snap Camera. Accept the changes made and click Next.
  6. Once all the settings are ready, select Next to start the live broadcast.

As soon as you start broadcasting, you will be able to see the image with the Snapchat filter. Most importantly, if you want to change your Snapchat filter, you just need to go to the Snap Camera application and select the one you prefer. It is not necessary to exit the transmission to change filters, changes are made almost instantly.

Streaming con Snap Camera

Snap Camera is compatible with other streaming in addition to Facebook. You can currently use it with Skype, Hangouts, and the popular Twitch. Virtually any application that has access to the PC camera.

How to use Snap Camera for live streaming on YouTube | Snapchat

One of the most popular uses of this application today is it gameplay streaming. Many players broadcast theirs Games and complement them with a Snapchat filter to give their image a personalized touch.

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