How to use the Live Paint tool in Adobe Illustrator | Convert text to path

Interactive painting in Adobe Illustrator is, among the infinity of tools in the Adobe Illustrator program, one of the most used. In this article I will show you in a simple way how to use the interactive painting tool in Adobe Illustrator. In Adobe Illustrator you can create from shapes to almost any design, stay with us and learn how to use this tool better.

What is an interactive painting or vector graphic?

Adobe Illustrator is a popular program for creating vector graphics. Launched on the market in 1987, it has since remained one of the main tools used by graphic designers, illustrators and artists; Currently its latest version of Adobe Illustrator is CC 2018 (, launched on October 18, 2017. It has the interactive painting.

There are two types of digital graphics or images; the best known are bitmaps; They are photo files, composed of pixels that have a fixed resolution (width and length) and those with an extension of JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, among others.

Vector graphics are different in that is made up of geometric objects generated by the computers using their various mathematical attributes; each defines the shape, position, color, thickness of each vector and line that the polygon, segment or arc that composes said object will have.

What are vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator for?

The main advantage of a vector graphic is its scalability, that is, the image will not lose its quality if we modify it, because they are not made of pixels, so they always keep their aspect ratio regardless of size, which is perfect for floor plans prints, billboards, decorative signs, among other things.

Therefore, Adobe Illustrator vector graphics are an ideal option for creating graphic and illustrative material, which is often used for the layout and publication of all types of products and services; and they too can also be used in the generation of images with a three-dimensional effect; to which we have an article on our blog that solves it.

How to convert text to path in Adobe Illustrator?

How to use the Live Paint tool in Adobe Illustrator | Convert text to path

In Adobe Illustrator the vector graphics that are drawn consists of tracks or guide, that have different segments, which can be both straight and curved, or they may or may not have an outline. If you haven't activated them on your pc, you can watch this article to do it in a minute.

How to change the Live Paint tool

Sometimes it will be necessary convert a text to a path, so we can alter the shape of the letters and add custom characteristics. This is a widely used practice in creating logos, slogans and other types of designs; We will explain how to do this below.

First we have to write our letters using it Text tool, available in the toolbar Instruments on the left side of the screen, then select the text box that contains them; then, let's go to the Text> menu option Create outlines or type Shift + Ctrl + O.

We will see how the vectors and strokes that make up each letter are shown. From this point on, we can make any changes we want ; Using the direct selection tool (toolbar) or by pressing (A) to select vectors and change their position or make lines more straight or curved.

How to use the interactive painting tool in Adobe Illustrator?

How to use the Live Paint tool in Adobe Illustrator | Convert text to path

The interactive painting tool is one of the most used in Adobe Illustrator, because any stroke or outline we create will need a color or texture; For this, you need to select the object you are going to paint, click on the Interactive Paint Tool button located on the toolbar or press (K).

Have it Sample tool displayed, located on the right side of the screen, taking into account that you can make the selection of the color with the mouse or also by pressing the arrows (left and right) on the keyboard, will increase the efficiency of this tool.

While using the Interactive Paint Tool, the cursor will be shaped like a paint can and will show 3 color swatches, the one in the center is the base color you are working with; in this way you will be able to select the exact color tone with which you want to color the selected path or outline.

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