How to use the Uber app easily - Uber app

This system allows you to use your smartphone or, failing that, a tablet, to request a ride with a private driver. If you are interested in using the service, you need to follow the steps below to use the Uber application easily.

How to use the Uber app easily - Uber app

How to start using the application

  1. Start by opening the Uber application on your mobile device, you can identify it as a black icon that the word Uber in white letters.
  2. The application will ask you to enter your phone number to verify that it is owned by you. Subsequently, an SMS will reach your mailbox, where you will be provided with a verification code, which you will need to enter in the application.
  3. Once your phone number is confirmed, you can start with setting up your account, where you will add various personal information, such as full name, age, gender, etc.
  4. At this point the application will ask you to create a password, which must be at least 8 characters long. Once you have accepted the password, you need to press the arrow to continue.
  5. Here you should start reviewing all the terms of use that the application has and its privacy policy, once you agree, your account will be fully active.

To start with its normal use, you need to select a payment method, it doesn't matter if it is a credit or debit card, you can also give gifts from different Uber cards where you can give away some free or discounted trips. Depending on your location, the option to pay with may be available PayPal or Venmo. Remember, it is possible to calculate in advance the tafifa of the trip you are going to make, to have the payment in hand.

The application stands out for maintaining transparency both in its partners and in its users, for this reason it is quite common for your general information, such as your name, to be given to your driver, in order to confirm that you are the right person they should be collecting for, however, your last name will remain anonymous for security measures and privacy.

How to use the Uber app easily - Uber app

Important considerations

If you enter sensitive information such as your credit card, we recommend that you use it with caution. However, Uber, a depending on the country in which it is used, it has the possibility that each trip can be paid for in cash, as long as this is communicated to the driver via the web application.

If you have not yet downloaded the application or are waiting for it to be downloaded to your mobile or tablet, you can proceed with the registration procedure through its website. , where the steps and fields to be filled in are the same.

Uber has become the leading company and a complete revolution in the passenger transport market. This application promotes different ease of use for its users, as well as providing safety and comfort, certifying that each of its units is always in optimal conditions of use.

This large company, headquartered in San Francisco, has been offering a new mode of transportation for many users since 2009.

Likewise, the company has various basic services called UberX, UberXL e UberSelect; and different types of Uber. The difference between each of them is the price and the car model you will be transported to. Eg:

  • UberX: Includes cars implemented for standard passengers. These trolleys can be transported easily and comfortably up to four people.
  • UberXL: Includes larger capacity car models such as a Chrysler Pacifica in which you can carry up to six people, usually used by families or groups of friends.
  • UberSelect: has a much more exclusive service, where you can choose between cars like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW.

With these steps and information, you will be ready to start enjoying the services and quality this company has for you. Thanks to its popularity, you can find any type of transport that is convenient, fast and very simple with the best prices and rates.

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