How to use the web version of Telegram

How to use the web version of Telegram

Today, messaging services are an essential resource for maintaining instant communication and contact with our staff. Well, one of these messaging services is Telegram, which while not having the great popularity of the well-known WhatsApp, has some features that make it an interesting option to use.

Specifically, one of these peculiarities has to do with the fact that it is cross-platform. That is to say, it can be used from any mobile device to a computer or computer, which gives a good incentive for all those people who sometimes forget their mobile, their battery runs out or use their desktop a lot, among other reasons.. Now, and breaking it down a bit, one of the options to use Telegram on the computer is to do it in the web version which doesn't require you to install anything and which I will describe the process for use the web version of Telegram.

Use the web version of Telegram | Step 1

The first action is, of course, to enter the website of this messaging service and to do so, simply search on Don Google or other (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) with the term » Telegram » and click on the result., it is the first.

Another option is to spell the URL correctly and it is in the address bar, then click » Submit » and the Telegram page will load.

Use the web version of Telegram | Step 2

Once, on the home page of the Telegram site you can see different options for using this messaging service and they are as follows: Telegram per Android, Telegram per iPhone/iPad, Telegram per WP and below, is the application to install on the web version, MacOS, PC/Max/Linux.

Well, for the purposes of this article, the installation in the web version has been chosen and to start this installation, simply click on » Telegram Web-version «. Now, for those who want to install the service on their computer or computer, I suggest that read this article which explains it step by step.

Use the web version of Telegram | Step 3

On the page that opens they will ask you to check or select your country and in the box below they will ask you to enter your mobile number correctly and completely. Once done they will click where it says » NEXT » and that is at the top right.

With that click, a small central window will open where they will ask: Is this phone number correct? (in English: this phone number is correct) and they will then click on » OK «.

Use the web version of Telegram | Step 4

With the previous action performed, they will have sent you a message from Telegram with a code on your mobile phone and that you will have to check it since that code will be the one you will have to write exactly as it is, in the new Telegram box precisely, where it says » Enter your code » and if everything is ok, you will automatically switch to the other stage.

Use the web version of Telegram | Step #5

In the new step, they will have to enter their name » Name » in the first box and their surname » Last name » in the second box and then click NEXT.

Voilà!, this was the whole procedure to get the web version of Telegram and now, if you want, you can enter some contacts to start chatting by clicking on the » button add contact » or, if you want you can go to » Open settings » if What you want is to make changes and change your profile picture, change your name or something else.

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