How to use two cameras in Skype? - Learn this trick

Skype does not currently have the ability to stream with two cameras at the same time. But there are some tricks they can help the user to create two streaming screens.

Alternative to using two cameras in Skype

Although it is not possible to use two cameras in Skype, it is possible to use multiple accounts at the same time. This is as long as they are opened by different devices.

Therefore, you need to download Skype for Mac, Android, Linux, Web, iPhone, iPad or Smart TV. And in addition to that, update Skype for free to the latest latest version.

Another limitation is that the same account cannot be opened on different devices. Then the user must use another account already created or enable a new one. Using Skype online is also not the solution.

This way, when you get there connects to device, it will be possible to enlarge the captured image or focus on another place that the screen pointed at the person cannot reach.

So you don't have to limit yourself to two, you can use three or four devices if you want. Sure, as long as you can handle so many items at the same time.

However, if what is needed is to indicate a specific place, the use of a smartphone or tablet is ideal. This is because it is mostly manipulable and can be moved quickly and comfortably.

Usa OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a very versatile recording program based on free software and is very popular with people who stream videos over the net.


How to use two cameras in Skype? - Learn this trick

Use two cameras with Skype and OBS

It has already been said that using two cameras in Skype is not entirely possible, so it is ideal to alternate with another device, in this case it will be done with a program.

This program allows you to add one or more video media at the same time.  This allows you to broadcast from Skype with one camera and into the OBS with another connected.

This way, you won't use the limited resolution or capabilities of a portable device, and you'll exploit the full potential of a capture or camera.

Additionally, the program features Advanced settings to customize the video image, which makes it quite useful software for this type of business.

Connect two cameras using only OBS Studio

As mentioned before, this program " streaming »Is specially designed for this task. It has several features, including the use of two cameras.

Similarly, during the installation of the program, if two or more video transmission devices or captors are connected, they can be added to the staging using a section of the OBS called " Sources «.

In it there will be an addition symbol or " Plus »Which will allow you to add said element to the equation and therefore have both two screens, and a longer one.

The OBS, despite being a program based on " Open source »Or open source, it also has compatibility with other operating systems such as Windows or Mac.

They are downloaded from the official website of OBS Studio, in the download section of the program. There it will show different ways to download it (Executable, Zip, Torrent).


How to use two cameras in Skype? - Learn this trick

Use two cameras in Skype with the web version

This option is similar to using a device and, although it doesn't give the same results, it can be useful depending on the effect or purpose you want to give the video.

That said, if the app is used in conjunction with the web version two cameras cannot be used at the same time. This is because the system establishes a main device and that is what will take the application as the page to use.

But you can get some sort of duplicate image within the video to be transmitted, or a mirror effect, which can be useful for creatives.

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