How to use WhatsApp Web from mobile

How to use WhatsApp Web from mobile

Web WhatsApp is a platform to use WhatsApp from your computer, but even to use it from your mobile, although the process is not as simple as it seems because you don't just capture the QR code and that's it, but you have to meet some requirements first.

The first of all is that if you want to use WhatsApp Web on your mobile, you have to do it on another smartphone where you have the WhatsApp profile you want to access, which already entails the inconvenience of having to have a second phone.

Indeed, if you try to open Web WhatsApp in the browser of your phone, you will see that it is automatically redirected to the WhatsApp app, so in this case it is useless, which is why you must have a second mobile. There is one more requirement, but more than that is a setting to be turned on.

Open WhatsApp Web on the second phone

Once the second phone has been located, in this case we will open WhatsApp Web to use it from the mobile, these are the steps you must follow:

  1. Open the browser you have on that phone or download Chrome from the Google Play Store and go to
  2. You will notice that it redirects you to the official WhatsApp website and now it is the setting we talked about before that needs to be enabled and that is that you will need to put the display into desktop mode, to do this click on the three dots icon of your browser and select «desktop view» or similar.

  1. You will now see that WhatsApp Web opens and all you have to do is go to your primary phone that you have WhatsApp on. In the case of iOS, you have to go to the configuration/WhatsApp Web section and click on “connect a device”.

  1. Subsequently, your phone's camera will open to scan the QR code that appears on WhatsApp Web on the other mobile, then scan it and that's it, WhatsApp Web will open as if you were on the PC, but with the particularity of having it on a mobile.

Does this make sense use WhatsApp Web on mobile? The truth is that not too much because you will eventually have to type with the floating keyboard, however you could try it on a tablet where it might make more sense to use it as it is a device with a larger screen.

We are referring to Android tablets and also the iPad. You must take into account the above, it is necessary to have two different mobiles because Web WhatsApp and the WhatsApp app cannot work simultaneously on the same mobile, hence what we have explained.

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