How to use YouTube Music in Google Maps navigation mode

Many times, we try to have fun when we do different kinds of tasks. This is important, since the human being is a strictly social animal, who always tries to communicate quickly with his neighbor.

Technology has saved an infinite amount of lives, both human and animal. This is because with the passage of time, we have been able to create more and more complex devices, which have started to leave good results in human life. For example, one of the most primitive technologies is fire, which has allowed us to evolve from a harvest diet to a sedentary one.

Another example of this, and the most important today, are computers. These are present in many, many ways and we almost always have them closely in the form of laptops and smartphone cell phones. These two are devices that all people access almost daily and automatically. It is very difficult for people not to check their phone as soon as they wake up.

How to use YouTube Music in Google Maps navigation mode

What are "Maps" and "GPS" applications

One way it was possible to learn to use computers and cell phones it is in the distribution of information. Their role is very important in this, as modern technology allows us to send a message of both text and graphic information from one part of the world to another almost immediately, through the Internet and all the advantages it brings. An example of how they help is with GPS and Maps applications.

Humans from the 40s have sent in the space different types of technological devices. These devices have a large number of functions and, since there is the concept of instant connectivity in our technologies, they help in the activities we have to carry out on a daily basis. These devices have functions ranging from cable television distribution, weather and weather forecasts to guides to locate you.

These guides for locating you are satellite maps, which are taken from artificial satellites, which were the devices mentioned above. Satellites that specialize in taking pictures and sending them to earth to help people are called GPS o Global Positioning System.

What is Google Maps

GPS satellites usually they work with terminals also called GPS, and in these they distribute the information graphically. Google Maps is the application that the tech giant Google has designated for its GPS system. This application does not require a GPS type terminal to work, but it is sufficient to have a smartphone. It is important that you learn how to get the most out of Google Maps.

This App is free and you can learn how to download it in its Lite version and in the  its full version, which takes up a little more storage space on your phone. This App is constantly updated every day, as there are changes in the roads every day. For people who know they will not be connected to the internet, it is important that they learn how to use Google Maps Offline, without an internet connection.

How to use YouTube Music in Google Maps navigation mode

How can we use YouTube Music in Google Maps navigation mode?

This is a very simple task that we will complete in less than 5 quick steps. First, we need to know how to download the latest version of Google Maps on Android or iOS. Then, from the screen that is shown in the navigation mode, we will move our finger up to show us another menu of options. At the end there is the configuration button.

Once there, you will see an option that says "Show media playback controls". You will give it with your finger, and then it will show you different players that you can choose to listen to music, among them, the acclaimed Google player which is Youtube Music.

Now, the next time you open Google Maps navigation mode, you will be able to see the playback controls at the bottom of the screen. If you swipe up, you will see that the controls expand and let you choose different songs and even lets you open the Youtube Music application.

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