How to view a protected Twitter profile

How to view a protected Twitter profile

Undoubtedly, see a protected profile on Twitter is one of the most desired concerns or curiosities on this social network by a considerable part of users who, in one way or another, want to satisfy that interest in seeing what is suspiciously private or protected. Twitter user and general public.

Well, in Practical Resources we want to pamper those curious users with an article entitled: how to view a protected twitter profile that includes some solutions that can satisfy that concern of being able to view protected content on Twitter and without dying trying.

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How to view a protected Twitter profile | Clarifications

First of all, it is necessary to specify that logically any user who has a Twitter account can perfectly and in a few steps, privatize and protect his Twitter account whenever he wishes or deems it convenient, sharing in this way the content he publishes rigorously with his follower friends and of course this action can be undone whenever you want and therefore, leave your Twitter profile again, your tweets and all your public content so that anyone can see, read or review it and up to here , you probably already know all this.

Now, having said the above, is it possible to tell them the truth… Which is to say, there is no way through normal channels or loopholes to be able to enter a protected profile on Twitter and see content that is protected or veiled from the eyes of people who they are not followers of that particular Twitter user.

But don't worry, don't let yourself down… Well, there are some lucky solutions that you can undertake or implement to see the Twitter profile of someone who has protected it, relying on the consent of the user in question or even without relying on this and that, of course, I will tell them or them I will reveal below.

How to view a protected Twitter profile | Solution no. 1

The first option and the most sensible for this type of case, is to try to do things face to face… That is, go to the profile in question and click on the «Follow» of that user in order to wait for the user's acceptance and the possibility of fully seeing that person's protected profile on Twitter without tricks or stratagems for this.

However, and to accomplish this task with a better chance of success, I'm going to recommend a few things that can make a significant difference in being accepted or, unfortunately, rejected by a user who has a protected Twitter profile.

The first thing you should do is have a public (unprotected) Twitter profile with an identity as real as possible and for this you can verify your Twitter profile, add photos of yourself (profile photo) and a description with links to social networks network that in this way, be reasonable by showing your identity so that this user can check it.

After the above, it would be good enough to review your account properly and think with a dose of speculation, if your Twitter profile can be interesting or similar so that that user feels interested and has no "buts" or "rejects" in whom you follow and if not, it would be good to edit the Twitter profile a bit and make it more attractive if you want to be a follower of that Twitter user and if you know him, this task can be easier to do.

Finally and as a last recommendation, before entering your profile and clicking on the «Follow«, I suggest you to send a message to that user to introduce yourself and provide some sort of compelling argument so as to start a conversation you can decide be a follower of that user. A good trick here would be to consult something on a topic that this person might know and in this way open a conversation that generates enough trust to be able to follow him counting on the arrival of this user and see his protected Twitter profile.

How to view a protected Twitter profile | Solution no. 2

Another good solution and which can be an excellent alternative to the previous one, is to basically create a new Twitter account for this type of thing and which will allow them -if they wish- to protect their identity in case that user knows them and I don't have much empathy for you.

Well, this solution of having a new Twitter profile requires more than just creating it so that they can be successful in this task of being able to see the Twitter profile of someone who has protected it and which by the way I will detail afterwards.

First, they have to define whether they will create a profile on Twitter with their real identity or anonymous and after that, they have to somehow "fill it with life", i.e. add a very nice profile picture, an interesting description, attractive content to that person (Tweet) and follow too, get followed by other users in this way, have a profile that seems active, interesting and very attractive in the eyes of this user for the information you share and how beautiful you are with great photos.

Finally and when they have the above ready, they will go to that user's protected profile and I recommend sending a message with an introduction or greeting and some kind of comment or open question (an opener) that allows a chat and to gain the user's trust In this way, the user can end up being his follower and view the content he has protected on Twitter.

Of course, this option is a little more radical, but it can be very effective when they already have a profile and it's not the most suitable for generating trust and rapprochement with that user. For this reason it is better to create a new one, as captivating and effective as possible, in order to attract attention and be followed by that user… This is the trick.

How to view a protected Twitter profile | Solution no. 3

A final option to satisfy this curiosity comes from an external service called Echofon which is available for iOS, Android and Mac which curiously allows you to view the content of duly protected profiles on Twitter.

This application developed by the company UberMedia allows any Twitter user to enter a protected profile and therefore be able to see tweets, retweets, favourites, descriptions, photos and practically everything from that Twitter profile, even if it is a user blocked by that person who has his own secure Twitter account.

An important fact that is worth noting is that this service allows you to block other users and thus prevent them from seeing the protected profile you have on Twitter both in the Twitter App and in Echofon. Now you know how to view a protected Twitter profile, good luck with your choice.

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