How to view memories on Instagram

How to view memories on Instagram

Instagram it is one of the social networks where more content is shared, in the form of photos for your feed or with videos and photos in instagram stories, also these stories are stored on instagram servers and over time instagram will create memories, today we will show you how we can see memories of Instagram.

All Instagram stories that we upload disappear after 24 hours, but Instagram saves them to offer to you the following year, so that you can share a memory from previous years. In case you have uploaded more than one Story per day, they will also appear in Memories.

Accessing Instagram memories is very easy, are also available to everyone, but you must bear in mind that you will have to see Instagram memories every day, because there may be days when you have not uploaded anything and therefore you will have nothing.

Share your memories on Instagram

Next, we will show you how see and share your memories on Instagram, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. The first of all will be to log into Instagram.
  2. Now we will click on our profile picture, located at the bottom right.

  1. Once we have accessed our bio, we will click on three lines which are located at the top right.

  1. Click on "File" and you'll access all the Stories we've uploaded, but what we're looking for is at the bottom.

  1. We will see an option called "Memories" which will be the point where we will be able to see the stories that we uploaded on a day like today but years ago.

  1. If we click on it we can see it and we can also modify it and then share it again with the text «a day like today in…» indicating the year.

In case where we have uploaded multiple Stories in the same day, we can see them all and we can also share them, and even if it is the same day, but in different years they will also appear as memories.

This way you can see all your Instagram memories and then sharing what you did a few years ago to remember those moments, as you can see it's very simple and it's a really useful function, because the more content you upload to Instagram the more memories you will have the following year.

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