How to View My Past Facebook Stories - Facebook Stories Archive

In this article you will know how to view my facebook past stories, facebook history archives.

And apparently the link that the social network Facebook feel with Instagram it's a lot, as Facebook apparently copied this feature from Instagram stories. Regardless of the topic, many now use this tool to add them to their photos and share them with their friends.

What's really bad is when you agree to see any of your contacts or friends' stories. It will no longer appear in the list on the right side of the screen. And for that reason you will miss out on all content your friend shared in that particular story.

Next we will show you a good trick that will allow   di  show again that story and you can enjoy it again. And it seems that this does not happen by chance since the social network administrators they don't want you to get stuck with a particular story.

Perhaps, this is a way they have, to force you to review all the stories that are gradually appearing. But hey anyway, if you really want to enjoy all those stories your friends shared a while ago, applying this method you can do it.

How to View My Past Facebook Stories - Facebook Stories Archive

How to view my past stories on Facebook

As a first step. You will go to your Facebook account, enter your details and log in, being in your account you will go to the right side of the screen. In this area you will find an icon with three horizontal lines. You are about to select that icon by pressing, then a series of options will appear that will scroll down.

You are about to search among these options what is described as Settings and privacy, we select again by pressing. Other options will be displayed again in bass, such as configuration, language, data storage, all shortcuts, etc. In our case we are going to choose or select the Settings option, pressing on it.

At this point the settings window will open, there we will see that there are options that can change your Facebook settings. For example, personal information, languages, security, advertising, etc. We search below and stop at Stories.

Being in the stories, we will select the Configuration option chronology, to do this we press. By doing this, we are shown a new window with options like, History Privacy, Stories File, Featured Stories, etc. At this point we will select the Story files option.

This action will take us to another window with the name of Stories File, in it you can read, Save the history to the file. Here is a brief description “Activate the archive to automatically save your stories once they disappear. Only you can see your archive of stories ”.

Words also appear Save to file and next to it you will find a sliding button, which you need to press and slide to the right side. You will know this action has had an effect, if when you swipe it and release it, it changes color. That is, it goes from white to blue. And voila, you can exit the settings.

How to view our archive of stories

Now to see the archive of stories log back into Facebook, then go to top right and press the icon with three horizontal stripes. When you do this, you will see several options like, profile query, search for friends, event groups, memories, etc.

How to View My Past Facebook Stories - Facebook Stories Archive

In our case, we will choose to consult your profile and press, now you have to search below and find the option Featured Stories. And then you have to select the Add New option and this is where you will be able to see the stories posted on Facebook and which have been saved in this file.

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