How to view my YouTube earnings in my local currency - quick and easy

What content can I do to generate income?

The first thing to consider is self-discovery, nothing better than that produce and share their tastes and passions. For example, if you are a lover of cooking, by making videos to make your best recipes, you can capture the attention of those like you who want to deepen and savor the culinary art.

If you have academic background in a career and more if it is practical, you can make a world of the area that you know needs to be shared. Students will appreciate your support for their common goals.

If you feel like you don't have a lot of skills to talk in front of the cameras or you think you don't have charisma, don't worry, you could still generate revenue by simply copying and pasting (respecting copyright), simply echoing musical themes. This is the simplest and most anonymous way to generate income.

How can I generate revenue on YouTube?

Many are wondering at what age can they start earning a living with this social network. The minimum age to get paid is 18, but don't worry, if you're not that age yet, there are also ways to break through and build a future from YouTube.

How to view my YouTube earnings in my local currency - quick and easy

It's a simple task, but to be realistic, it's not like the saying goes blowing and making bottles. You have to be constant, which will demonstrate to your future audience the seriousness and commitment you have with your subscribers. In addition, certain social network requirements and policies must be respected. Among the most important and general requirements are:

  • Create an account on YouTube: fill out a simple form with your data, just like you would in any social network.
  • Have at least a thousand subscribers: you will get it by staying constant while uploading content to the platform. Of course, you won't only monetize based on subscribers, but based on ad breaks, digital marketing, premium accounts that visit your page.
  • Accumulate an initial total of 4000 hours of playback over the past year: sharing the video on one or more social networks, favoring a rapid increase in reproductions. As your video plays, multiple ad pages may be interested in including their products in your video.
  • Link an AdSense account: is a platform created by google to receive payments from social networks. And it's very easy to create an Adsense account.
  • Get approved for the YouTube Partner Program: this is the part that may seem difficult to us, since standing out in the middle is not very easy, however, your authenticity and creativity can help you be part of this elite.

How do I convert my YouTube earnings into my local currency?

Once you have met these requirements to monetize and start generating revenue, you can easily convert that money into your local currency, the steps are as follows:

How to view my YouTube earnings in my local currency - quick and easy

  • Access the Analytics section in your YouTube account.
  • Now, select the estimated income, setup handles in the most common currency, dollars
  • Next, you need to click on the settings icon in the top right corner
  • A box will appear where you can choose your local currency
  • This way you will receive the reports of the income obtained in the time period you set

Monetizing on YouTube is not difficult, the keys to success in this global social network are perseverance, creativity and the desire to improve your finances. Try it, experience firsthand the new options that cyberspace offers you.

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