How to view or delete Youtube search history on Android

YouTube offers the same automatic data deletion system, however, knowing how to do it manually is something that can help you a lot.

This automatic deletion system is something very similar that can be found within the activity history that Google offers us, with this we can decide how long the history of YouTube will be visible within our application before being permanently deleted.

For this reason we will help you to configure the deletion of the search history in the application YouTube to Android.

How to view or delete Youtube search history on Android

How to clear YouTube search history on Android

  1. The first thing to do is to open the YouTube application. To do this, you just have to click on the icon to place the red with white, which appears within the application menu of your mobile phone. Once ready, the YouTube home page will open, if you are not logged in, now is the time to do so, by pressing the «sign in» button.
  2. After logging into your account, you need to select your icon Profile. There will appear your profile picture or a head with shoulders or even the first letter of your name with a randomly colored background
  3. Once inside your profile, you have to look for the option " Configuration »And there you have to press it so that a series of options is displayed.
  4. If you go to the bottom of this list, you can see an option called " Clear game history ". If you can't find the beginning, look for the card " privacy »There you will find another list where you can find the« Clear playback history »button.
  5. When you have found it, you have to press it and a small warning will automatically appear. After reading it, you can press " accepts »And the deletion of this data will begin.

Ready, with these steps you can be completely sure that all the data you entered in the search engine of the application has been deleted. The YouTube application also has the ability to automatically place this data deletion system. It should be noted that this process can also be done from your pc.

Choose how long this information will be stored there and how much of it should be automatically deleted.

How to view or delete Youtube search history on Android

How to automatically delete YouTube data

  1. The first thing to do is to open the YouTube application for Android.
  2. Once opened, start by pressing on your profile icon, which you find at the top right. Once there, select the "Settings" option.
  3. There you will have to access your story and then the «privacy» section, this part is at the bottom of all the options that will be presented there.
  4. When you are within these options, look for the option that says "Manage all activities"
  5. Here you can change the setting from » manually delete » a » delete automatically «
  6. When making the change, you need to specify the storage time that the application will have. It can last 3 months, 18 months or even again until they are manually deleted.

With this, your information and searches performed within the application YouTube they will be completely safe and ready to use without any delay.

Remember that it is very important to keep your applications up to date for them to function properly. Therefore, we recommend that you keep an eye on anyone who may arise.

We hope this tutorial helped you learn how clear your YouTube search history your Android.

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