How to view YouTube videos in full screen Easy

How to view YouTube videos in full screen Easy

One of the things that gives me the most courage when it comes to watching clips on YouTube are the annoying black stripes on the sides. That's why today in The Power Of The Green Android you will learn how easy it is watch youtube videos in full screen, in this way we will exploit the entire width of the panel without the annoying black stripes.

How can I watch Youtube videos in full screen step by step 2022?

Next we will offer you 2 methods for allow full screen on youtube on mobile phones. I recommend you keep applying the 2 to remove the black streaks on both sides of the screen.

How to put a youtube video to full screen from settings 2022

The first thing we have to do is enter our profile which is in the in part top right corner of the official application.

Once inside we will have to go all the way down to the section "Configuration".

Inside "Settings" we will insert "General".

And this is where we need to activate the option that says "Expand to fit screen".

Se youtube videos don't come more displayed in full screen on mobile phones, I recommend you to apply the following method.

How to Zoom YouTube Videos 2022

We always can make video clips occupy a 16:9 aspect ratio, thus taking up the entire screen, for which we need to do the following:

  1. We stretch the screen as if it were a photo.
  2. We will see that a message appears at the top saying «expanded video to fill the entire screen».

Similarly, we can shrink videos by doing the following:

  1. We contract the video image just like we would a photo.
  2. We'll see what size it says "Original".

And voila, this way we can force a 16:9 YouTube video to full screen. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment. Don't forget that you can share this content with your friends and family. Thank you very much!

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