How to watch 360-degree videos with the best VR players for Android or PC

Virtual reality videos are a visual and sensory marvel. Enter a reality that we can see from every angle. Even the most surprising are those who combine this resource with 3D or 8D audio for strongly complete the sensory experience.

This wonder makes us enter any environment and place and has been used in many places. Videos specialized in effect, in video games, even in short films.

Virtual reality gradually developed more and more to become more common. YouTube, for some time now, allows you to play videos in virtual reality. However, many would like to carry these videos all the time, not just when they are online.

 And it is that many must have realized that downloading this type of video does not work. Not all apps or video programs can play VR videos.

YouTube has that special option for these videos, however, it's not the only one. And there are many apps and programs that also play VR videos on your phone as well can even connect with a VR viewer to have the best experience. Next, we will recommend some programs that you can download in order to play virtual reality videos.

What programs can connect with the VR viewer?

A virtual reality video is like a disassembled box. When you unload it, the box is taken apart, you can see the flaps and folds together at the same time. The result is a distorted and complex video that looks like a world of mirrors. When you play the video in the correct program, the box is armed.

The armed video creates the illusion of virtual reality and you can rotate that "box" in all directions. This way, you can watch any part of the video, from any angle. Among the apps and recommended programs that assemble these boxes are Vrse. The best thing about Vrse is that you can connect it to the virtual reality viewer. You can stream videos or download them. 

How to watch 360-degree videos with the best VR players for Android or PC

The main menu has a variety of VR videos from various companies. Many include high-quality travel experiences and animations.

You can choose to watch it directly from your mobile or connect your VR headsets. If you see it from your mobile, you can see the whole environment by moving the mobile to the sides as if it were a kind of mini-room divider. This is a highly recommended app.

What other applications are there for mobile phones?

KMPlayer is another popular application for video players VR. Play any video downloaded from YouTube or any other site. You can select the option again to see it in your VR headset or directly from your phone.

The VR option can be used with any video. However, the effect it creates when used in videos that weren't designed for virtual reality is very crude and unrealistic. If you have downloaded the correct videos, the experience will be very good. It can play video up to 2k and along with 8D stereo audio which completes the experience.

Can I create my own homemade viewer?

Other recommended VR apps are Google Cardboard. In this Google app you don't even need VR glasses because you can make your own!

With the instructions provided, you can make homemade glasses using cardboard. Hence the name "Cardboard" in the app, literally "cardboard". By using the lenses you make to the letter and sticking them to your phone, you'll have your own homemade visor. With Google Cardboard you can explore amazing landscapes, places in the world, special objects, kaleidoscopes and much more.

How to watch 360-degree videos with the best VR players for Android or PC

KMPlayer too it has its option if you will use it with home made goals. Clicking the VR lens option that clearly shows the screen will be duplicated. Each screen will correspond to one eye and when you wear the home viewfinder you will get the desired effect.

This way, you can create the same illusion at home that VR glasses can create. Obviously not in the same quality and not in the same way, but it's a fun way to experience virtual reality for the first time.

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