How to watch HBO Max for free and legally

How to watch HBO Max for free and legally

HBO Max is one of the many streaming platforms that we have available in our country to watch series and movies, well, in the following article we will show you how can you watch HBO Max for free legally and thus enjoy a large number of series and movies in streaming on the recent platform.

First of all, you should know that HBO Max does not currently have any kind of trial membership. This implies that if you want to see the platform you will have to pay from the moment you create an account on the platform, but there are some methods by which you can see it for free or with very little money. We tell you.

Condividi l’account HBO Max

One of the first options you will need to be able to to watch HBO Max for free is to use the account of a relative or friend, currently HBO Max allows you to watch its content on three devices simultaneously, so if they lend you this free account you will be able to watch HBO Max whenever you want on different devices since you can have up to 5 profiles.

Currently this method is completely legal and free, since that the platform allows for unrestricted account sharing, unlike Netflix, which is starting to put a lot of barriers to shared accounts. So, run to ask who you know for the bill and try your luck.

Check the offers in different operators

Nowadays , many operators offer their package deals with an HBO Max subscription, so you might be interested in switching companies or ask your current company if they offer any offerings that might interest you and have an HBO Max subscription.

Currently the only operator that offers HBO Max in its rates is Vodafone, with a package called «Seriesfans» in the One Unlimited Plus tariff. So, if you are a Vodafone customer, ask if you have access to this offer and enjoy HBO Max free for a year.

Enjoy HBO Max for free if you live in the US

HBO Max is also available in the US and hence some of the streaming platforms also offer access to HBO Max so if you live in US you should know that you can enjoy HBO Max for free.

You can currently get HBO Max for free if you are a AT&T customer, one of the top companies in the country, you can also watch HBO Max as a customer of Amazon Prime Video, RokuTV and Hulu, so if you have any of these services you can enjoy HBO Max.

For all US residents, HBO Max is offering more than 500 hours of free series and movies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so you can enjoy a lot of content for free.

These are all Possible ways to watch HBO Max for free, unfortunately there are not many, let us also remember that the HBO subscription is €8,99 so it is not such an expensive price and the content it has deserves it, in addition HBO Max has a promotion available until November 30, 2021 with which you can have HBO Max for only €4,49 a month for life.

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