How to watch the Apple "Time Flies" event on September 15th?

Apple's September event will be broadcast and can be seen live on most Apple devices, as well as on the Internet, although there are some variations this time around.

You can't see Apple's event on September 15, Tim Flies, on Apple Watch or listen to it via HomePod, AirPods, or AirPods Pro. Other than these, the rest of Apple devices will allow you to see live versions. What appears to have changed is the emphasis the company places on where it wants you to see it.

For the first time since Apple aired its events live, September 15 requests to be on US soil. Users from other countries are redirected to the US page instead of seeing it directly on the local Apple website.

Watch it on YouTube

Apple is using YouTube's 'video premiere' feature, which means there's already a cover with a countdown timer for the event. We have incorporated it into our cover for your convenience.

YouTube may be the most comfortable way to watch it, as it is universally available, with no problem to view it from any country. You can also watch it using the YouTube app for iOS or using the YouTube app on Apple TV.

Watch it on Apple TV

Currently the least comfortable way to watch it is via Apple TV. While there used to be a channel on Apple TV dedicated to Apple presentations, now you should be using Apple TV for everything, which is why Apple has "self-marginalized".

How to watch the Apple

This means that finding the September 15th event isn't easy. If you still have the Apple Events app installed, open it and you'll see an explanation of where your event coverage has moved. Click on Open Apple TV and you will be transferred to the appropriate section, ready to receive the streaming.

The section still doesn't show the September 15th event and the problem is it's nowhere. Until Apple decides to promote the event, there is no way of knowing where to find it.

The best option, as we said, is YouTube

Watch it in a browser

How to watch the Apple

It's a shame Apple TV doesn't have an internet browser yet. However, on pretty much any other device you have it, so you can go to Apple's website and see it there.

While it will definitely be on the front page of Apple's website, if you don't want any last-minute doubts, you can jump straight to the page where it will be for months after it occurs, on Apple's official page for events.

Remember that it will only air on the Apple site in the US, so on the Spain website (for example) the WWDC 2020 event cover is still there.

Those Apple things….

Let's enjoy it!

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