How to write backwards on Instagram

How to write backwards on Instagram

Some time ago we explained to you how to write bold on Instagram and thus make the texts or words that accompany the publications stand out, or a comment that is released on Instagram. On this occasion, we want to introduce you to the following guide: how to write backwards on instagram which will allow you to put the letters backwards on Instagram in a very simple and simple way and in this way your texts or words powerfully attract attention and make you want to know what they say causing more than a few movements of the neck or mobile to do that, follow these steps.

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How to write backwards on Instagram [Instructions]

To write the letters backwards on Instagram, they will have to follow the following points that we detail graphically so that they do not get lost or die trying.

Log in and use a text editor [Step #1]

1.- First, you must use a text editor and for this specific task, we advise you to use: «» which only allows you to put the letters backwards (google it).

2.- Once the Fliptext text editor is open, you must enter the text or words you want to have flipped on Instagram in the first box or the one above.

3.- While writing the text, the text will automatically appear upside down in the box below and here they will simply copy it.

Post to Instagram [Step #2]

1.- After completing the previous step, they must log in to Instagram and log in if they have not done so before.

2.- So now, whoever wants to put letters backwards in their Instagram biography will go to this or, if they want to publish, they will go to the publications section or they will look for the publication they want to comment and in the respective text box, they will paste the text to the contrary that they copied from the text editor Fliptext and published.

3.- Perfect, very well done. The text or words will appear upside down just as they intended and only for this will draw attention to the unusual.

With this procedure, they will be able to post upside down texts on Instagram as much as they want and will cause a sensation among friends, family and followers who will see their post or comment upside down, something very unusual.

Finally, this question is addressed or answered: how to write backwards on Instagram and then now, they can put backwards letters on Instagram whenever they want or deserve it.

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