How to write comments in bold italics and strikethrough on YouTube?

And although it was believed that alone WhatsApp was authorized to do so, YouTube amazes its community and we teach them to use this mode easily.

Youtube comments in bold

One way to highlight or emphasize a word, a couple of words, and even an entire message is to use bold type. With them, replying to comments on YouTube becomes more visible.

In this sense, it is usually mostly used to position the title of something (like a video or channel) or something you want to highlight.

Now, the way to go bold, italic and strike through on YouTube is very simple; and for the first case must be taken into account only of what follows.

To begin with, we need to be in the video where we want to comment, so the sentence or word we want to highlight must have two asterisks (*).

As? Well, at the beginning and at the end, for example, * this is a bold comment *, and this will be enough for the platform to do the rest.

While it's very easy, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, that the asterisks should not have a space between them and the letters of the word or phrase.

In addition to this, even if the asterisks are positioned correctly, the bold effect will not be seen until the comment is published.

How to write comments in bold italics and strikethrough on YouTube?

Italics in Youtube comments

Although bold is the most used and preferred style, cursive words retain their adherence and retain their usefulness.

In this case they are usually used, to a lesser extent, to indicate the name of something, mark a quoted phrase or write a term you want to highlight.

But whatever use you want to give it, know how to apply this style in a knowledge we should all know.

Without further ado, you need to start with being in the video you want to comment on, then the message will be written. When the text will be in italics;  It will be sufficient to insert two underscores or floors (_) on each side of the word or phrase in question, both at the beginning and at the end.

Getting something like this: _Cursive text _ with which you can post the comment, and YouTube will apply the feature we have included.

As in the previous case, you will not be able to view the italicized text when editing the comment, you will have to wait for the publication to take place.

Also, you can't leave space between the underscores and the word to be transformed, as they must be together to apply the style.

Erased in words

While many people believe strikethrough is useless in comments, other users may disagree.

How to write comments in bold italics and strikethrough on YouTube?

So, in order to get strikethrough, you need to be in a comment bar or space and use two normal dashes (-) in the sentence or word in question.

These symbols must mark the beginning and the end of the text to be deleted; as well as words and hyphens must not have spaces between them, leaving it that way -Strikethrough text-.

Likewise, there will not be a preview when writing the comment, but when it is published it will be possible to admire the result. The best thing about this is that you don't necessarily have to use only one style at a timein fact, they can be combined.

In this way you can write bold, italic and strikethrough in the same YouTube comment, either by combining the three types, or in separate words or phrases.

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