How to zoom in on Instagram photos or stories - quick and easy

Instagram Stories are new and you can share them on other social networks like Facebook. And this is what has allowed new users to join this platform every day and is the inclusion of new functions and tools. This is the case of the Superzoom, with which it will allow you to enlarge photos or Instagram stories.

Something that is also important for you to know and that is when you use Instagram and any of the tools included in the platform. The device you use doesn't matter if it's from your PC or a mobile device. Whether you work with the Android operating system or the iOS operating system and now let's see how to use this amazing tool.

How to zoom in on Instagram photos or stories

With the use of this tool you will be able to move the camera closer to the object you want to film and in this way show the image in detail. This feature is remarkable, as it will allow your videos and photos to have more dynamism and mobility. At the same time you show the landscapes, places, products, shops, etc. in detail.

How to zoom in on Instagram photos or stories - quick and easy

When you are on Instagram and want to upload a photo or video to your Stories, this tool will allow you not only to zoom in, but also to zoom out. It is for this reason that you will find two options for this, zoom in and zoom out. You realize how versatile this tool is and only on Instagram will you find it, so don't wait any longer and create your account.

Steps to enlarge Instagram photos or stories

Although the   Superzoom is the most used zoom by users, there are other types of this tool that we will show you in this article. First we will talk about the Normal Mode, to zoom in or out just click on the image. If you want to record a video, click the Record option

Then hold your finger on that button and swipe up to zoom in or swipe down to zoom out. You have to keep in mind that the recording will continue as long as you have your finger on the button, when you release it the recording will end. There are other logging effects that we can include in our Instagram Stories and here we tell you about them.

Make a video in mode rewind o rewind, this way of creating videos is very original and quite fun too. Since you will be able to execute the sequence of events in reverse or backwards. Now, when you want to zoom in when you record these kinds of videos, you just need to apply the same method you applied in normal mode to zoom in or out.

Another type of video that users like and excite many in theirs stories on instagram are the Boomerang videos. When performing this type of recording and to zoom in or out, you need to press the button to record longer. And now slide your finger on this button, up or down, to zoom in or out.

Zoom with hands-free mode

When you want to record your videos you can zoom in or out by pinching the screen and then you have to click on the record option and it will start after few seconds. In this mode you will avoid having to press the button during the entire recording. You realize how quickly and easily you have learned to enlarge your photos and videos.

How to zoom in on Instagram photos or stories - quick and easy

Thus we conclude this tutorial which showed you to use another very useful tool of the social network sensation of the moment and it is none other than Instagram. And in a few steps you have learned to zoom in on Instagram photos or stories.

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