How will I modify the birth date of your Facebook

How will I modify the birth date of your Facebook

Some time ago we explained to you how to change your name on Facebook without restrictions or without having to die trying. Now, in Practical it's time to explain, in the following article: How to change your date of birth on Facebook from PC or mobile -precisely-, the way you can change the age on Facebook either from a PC or a computer or, from a mobile and thus, adjust our age to what we really have or, and in honor of the truth, remove those years that there are left or put those that are missing.

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How to change your date of birth on Facebook from PC or mobile | STEP #1: Login to Facebook

Anyone using a PC or computer must access the Facebook cover and then log in as usual. That is, by entering the e-mail or telephone number and password in the respective boxes and then clicking on the button that says: «Log in«.

Once in the Timeline of their Facebook account, they will click on your name that appears in the blue bar at the top or, if they wish, they can click on their name that appears in the top left to access your Facebook profile (now go to step 2 ).

On the other hand, those who want to change their age on Facebook from a mobile or mobile must enter their Facebook account in its web version and to do so, they will open the browser, search for Facebook and click on the correct result.

Once on the Facebook cover from their mobile, they will enter their account login details and click on the button that says: «Log in» and then they will enter the timeline of their Facebook account so here, they will click on the three horizontal lines that appear in the upper right corner to access your Facebook profile.

How to change your date of birth on Facebook from PC or mobile | STEP #2: Go to About Facebook

Once you are in your Facebook profile using a PC, you must click on the option that says: «Information» located in the menu that appears under the cover photo.

After the previous click, the information section will appear and therefore here, you have the option to hover the cursor over the date of birth that appears on the right side so that a blue link appears that says: «Change your basic information and contact» which you have to click on or if you prefer you can click on the option on the left hand side which says: «Basic and contact information» to view this category (now go to step 3).

Being already in your Facebook profile on your mobile, you should scroll down a little and find here, the option that says: » Information » and click on it so that this category opens and then here, you should scroll down to look for the section called: Basic Information and once you find it, click on «Modification» in this section.

How to change your date of birth on Facebook from PC or mobile | STEP #3: Change your age on Facebook

So now, those using PC will see Basic and Contact Info category displayed and then here they will go to the section named: Basic information and here they will hover over the date of birth or the year of birth and this way, a link will appear on the right side that says: «Modification» on which you will have to click.

Perfect, so far they have done very well. Well, with the previous click the modification options for day, month and year will appear and then in these they will have to click so that the options are displayed and they will be able to select with a click the day, month and year they want. a new era on Facebook and after doing so they will mark the box that precedes the text that says: I confirm that I am x years old. And finally, they'll click the blue button that says: » Save Changes «.

Hey! The age changer in Facebook opens instantly and can be seen in the basic information section of the Basic and contact information category, that's all.

In the meantime, the mobile phone user will enter the date of birth section and then click on the triangles of the day, month and year so that a central window will appear and can click on the day, month and/or year. year they want to enter as their date of birth on Facebook.

Once the age change has been made on Facebook, they must save these changes and for this, they will scroll down -to the end- and will find here, the blue button that says: «Save» which they have to press and so on - instantly., the changes are opened and they will be redirected to Basic Info where their new date of birth will be shown on Facebook and that would be the whole process.

Finally, with this article titled: how to change date of birth on facebook from pc or mobile (mobile), this concern about age change on Facebook is addressed. Finally, it should be noted that this change of your age on Facebook can be done in a limited way or in other words, it cannot be changed whenever you want (there is a limit).

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