How Windows 10 works - Features of this operating system

Learn to use the Windows 10 operating system in a simple way it seems to be one of the most frequent rants for a certain number of users, especially those who are not familiar with the world of basic information technology.

Computers have been one of the most essential tools in the world for many decades, as they are useful for countless tasks or functions.

Each computer has different versions of the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, it all depends on the preferences of the users and, of course, on the technical specifications of the computer equipment used at the moment, be it laptop or desktop computer.

Gain knowledge about How to use the Windows 10 operating system?

Learning to use the Windows 10 operating system the easy way is one of the learning features that everyone would like to have. The Windows operating system is on the market da many years, to use it you have to take into account some aspects such as the version you are using, especially if it is 10.

You must have some practice in using the mouse and the keyboard, but if you don't have it, don't worry (knowledge is acquired as you go) and step by step you can increase your level of knowledge.

You can start by locating the panel at the bottom of the screen, in it you will find the "Start" option, in which some shortcuts appear such as: profile, settings, most used applications, photos, among others.

How Windows 10 works - Features of this operating system

You can also activate or deactivate the search bar, with which you can copy everything you want to search inside or outside your computer. Furthermore, They are la date, time, network connection, battery percentage, volume and more.

It is recommended to investigate anything that catches your attention, that way you can gain a lot of knowledge, something that will be beneficial in the long run.

Know the user interface and its basic elements

When we turn on our computer, the operating system shows us an interface that helps us in the interaction between machine and person.

In the case of Windows 10, its interface shows us several elements, including: windows, bars, desktop menus, among others. These elements are what allows us to achieve the interaction with the best possible quality. Previously, Microsoft Windows interfaces were simple, over time they have evolved, especially Windows 10.

Application bars: is where we find the tools of the operating system, this is usually located at the bottom of the screen and has a start button, it shows the shortcuts to the programs that are used, the time, the date and the notification panel.

We can customize our taskbar to our liking in terms of position, color, size and anchor of our favorite applications. If we want, we can hide the bar and lock it.

Shortcuts: they are icons on the desktop which make it easier for us to have disk items at hand without having to search the original folders.

How Windows 10 works - Features of this operating system

Desktop: It is a graphical interface with comfortable space and easy access to programs, it is vital to perform operations on the computer since it is like the basis of it. In Windows 10 you can change the icons in terms of size, position and they can be customized. On the desktop you can change the wallpaper and create new folders.

Start Menu: It is a button that is located on the taskbar and is responsible for basically showing the most used applications on the computer, in the same way it gives us access to system tools and settings such as shutdown, restart or switch users. The Windows 10 start menu is highly customizable for a better user experience.

Notification area: is a notification center located in the taskbar specifically in the corner of the computer, through the notification area we can activate and deactivate some tools such as WiFi, Bluetooth and we can also raise and lower the volume, change the language, set the date and time.

Task view: it is a button located on the task bar that allows us to see all applications in use.

Login Button: This button has the aim to minimize all open windows to automatically display the desktop and is located on the taskbar at the end of the lower right corner.

How to install an ISO or program in Windows 10

  1. Go to pagina downloaded on Windows 10.
  2. Once there, download the media creation tool.
  3. Then select "download the tool now".
  4. Then a run said tool.
  5. In the tool, select to create an installation media (DVD USB or iOS)
  6. Click Next, then choose your language, architecture and Windows edition you have and select Next.
  7. Then press ISO File> next and the ISO file will be created automatically.
  8. Finally, if you want to use the ISO file as a backup for your computer, save it to DVD.

How Windows 10 works - Features of this operating system

How can I customize the start menu?

You can customize the start menu by changing its size, click on it, drag up or down until you get the size you want, you can also make the start menu cover the whole screen for it, April settings, where it says Customization  and activate the checkbox Use full screen.

In the start menu you can also customize the tiles and icons for this, open the start menu and right click on any tile you want to resize and select change size, you can change the position of the icons by pressing the icon you want to move and drag it to the new location.

Finally you can change the main color of the menu, open the settings click on Customization then up colors here you can choose between a light and dark theme or a highlighted color.

Steps to use the desktop start menu

open the start menu, select the button boot that yes located on the taskbar, with which you can search for the programs or applications you want to use.

run these programs, you need to click on them. One click is all it takes.

In the case of directories, this is required click to open them within the same menu and continue browsing.

Add or remove apps from the start menu

To add an application in Windows 10, you need to look for the application icon among the desktop icons. Then, you select it and right click. Now there will be some options and select the still to the start menu.

remove it from the boot menu select the program with the right mouse button and press the option where it says unlock.

How Windows 10 works - Features of this operating system

How to run a native application or program

To run a native program it is necessary before test compatibility settings.

In the case of Windows 10, comes with a compatibility mode to open old applications. To enter compatibility settings, you need to right-click a program icon and select properties, hit where it says compatibility and choose the method where you already knew it worked from Windows 95 to Windows 7.

How to add shortcuts to the Windows desktop

To add a shortcut go to the desktop and right click on any empty spot on it, when the menu appears select "new" and choose the option that says "link". Now select the system item you want to link to by typing its location or using the navigation bar.

How can I add a program to the taskbar?

  1. Select the program.
  2. Then, right click.
  3. You will now get several options, including the pin to the taskbar.
  4. Finally, click and that's it.

Configure the taskbar

You need to place the mouse pointer on the taskbar to configure it, right click to display a submenu with various options, including toolbar, properties, large windows, among others.

È necessario dock the programs we use the most in this way we adapt and configure our toolbar so that it becomes

How to dock Windows in Windows

To dock a window in Windows 10, we position the mouse pointer in the top bar of the window to which we are going to anchor and positioning it in the center of the bar, click with the left button, keep it pressed, while dragging the window to the left or right to the point where we want to anchor it.

Once you have finished dragging the sale, it will dock automatically in the center of the screen allowing us to work with two or three windows at the same time.

How to add or delete a user in Windows 10

Once the computer is turned on to the Windows desktop, we click the start button, when it is displayed, we write control panel and select the first result.

Now they will show us several options, one of which is user account and child protection. We enter it and choose where it says to add or remove user accounts.

So, a window opens here where we can see the number of users we have on our pc, from here we can delete or add users in Windows 10.

What is the Windows Store for and how to use it?

The Windows store is a platform that allows installation of thousands of applications, such as programs or games, on your computer.

You can log in through the application installed on your computer. In most cases, this app store icon is located on the taskbar. Otherwise, you have to go to the search engine and enter "Windows store".   When the results are ready, you need to click on the icon corresponding to the Windows archive.
How Windows 10 works - Features of this operating system

Advantages of using Windows 10 over other operating systems

Learning how to use the Windows 10 operating system the easy way is one of the benefits it offers users, since doing so it doesn't require much protocol, it simply requires concentration and suspicion.

The operating system in question has more than 30 on the market, its genius is that it offers its users the ability to host a large number of programs, to optimize Windows 10, is one of the things that differentiate it from other operating systems in the market .

However, to improve the experience you need to have an internet connection for this you can try to improve the quality of the internet. Another benefit is that it provides users with an incredible level of privacy.

All of this, through the protection of personal information, stored in the equipment. Furthermore, the system in question offers the ability to connect it with hundreds of devices, especially 'Miracast' connections with Windows 10.

Steps to accelerate the speed of computers, without major complications

Learning to use the Windows 10 operating system the easy way is interesting o as interesting as accelerating the speed of computers when they become very slow, which requires a lot of attention or concentration, so as not to hurt it.

If your computer is cluttered with information or with a extreme quantity of installed programs, you can choose to clean it and delete all those elements and features that you may not use.

This is a common cause that causes slow computers, so you need to take action if you don't want your equipment to be damaged. Another cause is that they have some kind of computer virus in their system.

On the other hand, there are other reasons that can cause slow processes, especially when users use computers, such as: lack of 'RAM' memory or a very old processor, but, don't worry, there is always the option to rekindle your team.

This means that you can try to buy a bigger "RAM" memory or a more updated processor, that way you can increase the speed of your PC  at levels you've never seen before.

You don't need to go to the store to buy another computer when you can save money and time, following the advice given, in this way you will save information.

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