I can know who visits my Twitter profile

I can know who visits my Twitter profile

One of the questions that many people who use social networks and various mobile applications often ask themselves is, specifically, do I know who visits my user profile of the online service I use? And so, in this way, we can satisfy that concern that we naturally have when we want to know how relevant, attractive or important we are to our contacts or to people in general.

Well, in the case of the bird social network, this is also a relevant concern for most of its users who want to know who visits my twitter profile? This way, you feel and know if they are attractive users or good references in this social network where opinion is worth 140 characters.

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For all those Twitter users who are wondering right now… It is good to point them out and underline that there is no way they can know who visits their twitter profiles, i.e. they can't know if certain friends or contacts visit them or well, other unknown users or finally the general public and less with what, frequent and they should be left with that unanswered question.

This Twitter policy of not disclosing visits to registered users is not exclusive to them, since exactly the same thing happens on other social networks, such as Facebook, where it is not possible to know who is looking at our user profile.

Now, born out of this curiosity to know who enters our profiles in this case, various programs or applications have emerged or swarmed Twitter offering an answer to this question and that they are simply malicious tricks and tools that can cause more than one problem or inconvenience.a those people who seek to satisfy a curiosity that in the long run is not that relevant or important to know.

These tools or services that offer a purported answer to this question are usually promoted on various social networks, mail or web to basically kick out unsuspecting users and then log into their Twitter accounts, promoting it from there and on the other hand, with the permissions you grant they, can get to know your information, edit your account, and nothing less than post tweets on your behalf, among other things.

Finally, I hope you take the respective measures and do not fall into this type of deception and if you ever come across this type of service that offers this, you can report it on the social network twitter as this type of subject is sensitive and this social network takes it very seriously.

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