I can't access my Facebook account from my PC

I can't access my Facebook account from my PC

One of the problems that occurs to a sizable portion of people is not being able to log in or access your Facebook account as it usually is causing surprise at first and then moving on to feelings of anger and natural tension before this unexpected situation develops, all kinds of questions about the why i can't log in to facebook.

Logically Facebook login problems they can be very different and of a different nature… That is, from very basic things that are not understood or have not been taken care of due to having no knowledge of the Internet, also passing through carelessness or unforced errors to somewhat more complex situations and even solutions difficult or impossible.

Well, given this series of inconveniences to access Facebook, we have developed a guide as a tutorial in Practical Resources that traces these setbacks from what they are, elementary and primordial to the more complex and convoluted ones, surely suggesting the actions to be taken to finally, being able to enter your personal account on the social network Facebook , I hope it will be very useful to you and now let's take action.

Nota 1 | By the way, the first 3 problems or cons are extremely basic.

How do I access the Facebook cover? | problem no. 1

One of the first impediments that can be noticed is of course not knowing how to access the official website of this social network and even if it seems essential, there are people who are not technologically literate and need a little support to do this and for that, we they are here (if this is not the case for you, continue below).

To access the Facebook official website they have 2 ways or options to do it and they are as follows:

  • Using the search engine: they must open the browser they use (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) and then, in the browser they use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) they will have to write the name that identifies this social network network and that is, in this case " Facebook «, then, a click on " Enter » and from the uploaded or displayed results you have to click on the correct or indicated one which is generally found, in the first position and your web address which is more or less this:https//:www.facebook.com well, with that click you will be directed to the Facebook cover.
  • Using the url: another good alternative, i.e. faster and safer, is to open the browser that is being used and in the address bar you will have to correctly write the url of this social network, i.e. the following:  www Facebook. with and then, afterwards, click on « Submit» (if you are on a desktop computer) so that the page loads and you go directly to the official Facebook site, that's all.

What information is required to enter? | problem no. 2

Another valid hurdle to mention is own not knowing what information is needed to access your personal Facebook account that you have and therefore these people are on the front page of the site without knowing what they require and where to enter this information to access their account (If this is not your case, continue below).

Note attached | By the way, if you haven't created a Facebook account yet, you won't be able to log in anywhere and I suggest you read this article if you want to open an account on this social network and where it explains step by step what you should do.

Well, to enter the personal Facebook account you have, you only need 2 pieces of information that you should have more than clear, namely the following:

  • Email or phone: you will surely remember that when you opened a Facebook account you had to fill out a sort of registration form and right there you had to associate an email and a mobile phone number with your Facebook account that you were creating. Well, only that email or mobile number is what you need and not others of course.
  • Password: also, when you filled out that registration form you had to create and enter a password or key for your Facebook account and it is undoubtedly that password that you need to enter Facebook and not other passwords that you have from other services.

Having clarified and settled this point, let's continue with the others.

Where to write the e-mail or mobile phone and password? | problem #3

Having clear what is required to enter Facebook (email or mobile phone and password) it should be clarified where these data must be entered.

On the cover of the official Facebook site you can see in the upper right corner (if you are on a desktop computer) 2 empty boxes:

  • First box: Indicates that you must enter your email or mobile phone number. Be careful, one of these options, the one that suits you and not both.
  • Second box: you will have to write here the password you created for your Facebook account.

Finally, when you have these 2 boxes or fields filled in, you must click on the button » Submit » and if all goes well, you will log into your Facebook account without any problems.

Email or phone | problem no. 4

Other impediments to open access to the account you have on Facebook are related to the email or mobile number and which undoubtedly have solutions that we will register next to the respective problem:

  • Spelling the email incorrectly: one of the most striking errors is clearly that of not writing correctly or precisely the email associated with the account you have on Facebook and this is often an involuntary error due to speed, a typo or a carelessness that goes unnoticed. So, you will have to pay attention and write well so as not to trip over the same stone.
  • Write incompletely: another obstacle is writing the email address or mobile number incompletely, forgetting, due to carelessness or ignorance of some things such as @ and the mail service of your e-mail account, i.e.: esempio@hotmail.com or, the case of your mobile number that you forgot a digit or wrote an additional code. Here, you just need to be clear about writing the email or mobile number completely, without missing any things or things that are left.
  • Entering another email or mobile number: another mistake that is sometimes not obvious and practically hits a wall is to write another email that you have or, generating a mobile number first, consternation since, you think everything is fine and it is something of unheard but they don't realize that that email or that cell phone is not the one specifically associated with that Facebook account. Here, the option is to realize this great detail or write the other option (mobile or corrupted number) to get out of the obstacle.
  • Forgetting your mail or mobile number: another problem that can arise is somehow, temporarily forgetting the email that you have or the associated mobile number causing some consternation and concern for the fact. But well, this has a solution, it will just, write the other option, that is, if you have forgotten the email, write the associated mobile number or, if you have forgotten the mobile number, write the email and hope , that you have not forgotten the 2 things.
  • To see your Facebook account email or mobile phone number changed: another factor preventing to enter facebook is e-mail changed or, mobile number previously and people, then when they want to enter again, they don't notice (forget) and you are writing i data above. Well, here are 2 solutions: one, they realize the mistake and rectify it, or write the other option i.e. email or mobile number and hoping the 2 things haven't been changed.

Password | problema #5

Another big part of the problems faced by Facebook users when they can't log in is due solely to password or key problems which we will go into detail.

  • Incomplete typing: a considerable margin of error is mainly due to incomplete typing of the password, therefore one or more characters are missing and inadvertently not displayed. Well, until they're highlighted, you won't be able to enter.
  • Password entered incorrectly: this is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems accessing Facebook and is due to some typing problem or error, too fast, not differentiating upper and lower case, numbers or signs, and other times, the keyboard configuration or modification of this, for some reason. Try to write each of the characters of your key or password correctly and check if the keyboard is actually configured correctly.
  • A password that is not associated with your Facebook account: another point to report as a problem is that the password that is written comes from another online service that you have (email, other social network, etc.) and people do not realize that they have entered a password that is not the one connected to your Facebook account. Until they realize this little detail or confusion that has occurred, there will be no solution.
  • Don't remember the password exactly: one of the biggest problems when trying to access Facebook is simply forgetting what the password or key associated with your account was, generating the logical concern about this fact but, fortunately, it has a solution and that we attach, below.
  • Cambio password: Another aspect that can block access to Facebook is that the password or key has been changed in some previous occasion and now, accessing it, they do not remember this change and stubbornly write the old password. In this case they will have to show the problem or start the account recovery process.

Solution to password problems

In case, you have not been able to resolve your password issue. Facebook offers the option to reset or recover your account and it consists, in simple terms, of creating a new password for your Facebook account and then, in the future, you will be able to access your personal Facebook account with this new password that you will create.

To do this, you must be on the front page of the social network Facebook and you will have to click on the question that says » Forgot your account? » located under the box where the password is written (see attached image).

With the previous click, a new page will open where you will be asked to enter your email or mobile number associated with your account in the box and then you will have to click on the button » Search «.

A new page will open and if you have written an email, you will be given 2 options to recover your account: Use my email account or send me a link to reset my password. So, you have to choose one of them and then click on the Continue button and follow the given steps.

Nota 2 | Many times, this message to recover Facebook account by mail does not arrive directly to the inbox of said mail and precisely, to the folder of unwanted messages or also known as spam and therefore, you will have to check that folder but the message has arrived aside, from Facebook.

Login to my Facebook account | Other issues

Beyond the problems that may arise in relation to accessing Facebook or, with email, mobile phone and password, there are other inconveniences that it is good to register and moderately clarify.

  • Facebook account closure: A problem accessing your Facebook account could be due to the fact that you have permanently closed your Facebook account and there is no way to recover it.

On the other hand, it is possible and in very specific cases that the social network Facebook has closed your account because you have somehow violated the policies of this social network. However, when this type of situation occurs, it is common for you to receive a message or notification in your email explaining the reasons for closing your account. In general, people who've done something "strange" definitely take it for granted and know what they've done when it happens, this sort of thing. However, if you feel that you have not done anything strange or bad, you can appeal and release some consideration of the case to the Facebook team and in this way, try to recover your account, good luck if you are in this type of situation.

  • Account hacked: Another reasonable possibility of the login problem and which should be investigated is that someone has been able to hack into your Facebook account and in the configuration it has changed some access data (email, mobile phone and password) making it impossible for you to access.

In the light of these facts, evaluate whether you have viruses, trojans, malware on your access device or, think if someone has reasons to do so and find out, among your contacts that you have as friends on Facebook, any activity in your Facebook account. Facebook and finally, you will need to contact Facebook support for assistance in recovering your account.

These, finally, are some of the problems you may have when you are unable to access your Facebook account and they are certainly not the only ones. I hope some have been able to clarify their issue and others can comment here to see if they can be helped or will have to contact Facebook support to find a solution to such a mysterious and complex login problem, much luck.

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