I can't see or play YouTube videos on my PC or mobile phone - Solution to the problem

Previously, there were traditional industries such as television to entertain visually and even advertising sold, but as a result of YouTube hand in hand with technological advances, this has changed dramatically. There is currently a great deal of interaction with regards to videos.

There are some content with more hits than others, but it sure is there are very popular content, and you can also watch YouTube videos in a floating window on Android from Telegram. They are applications that can function as a team at some point.

Listening to our favorite music or watching videos on these platforms is a high source of entertainment, quantity and quantity of people are using the YouTube platform for their entertainment, but not everything is perfect, many people do not play videos, that's why That's why here you will know the solutions for this problem.

Why are YouTube videos not playing?

The options really vary and it also depends on which device you don't want to play. It mainly presents problems related to the browser we use Because? In many cases this is not updated or when we have used it a lot, it saves large amounts of cookies, so that unnecessary information accumulates in our system's memory.

Now, another reason we can mention is that we have our cell phone out of date, applications require different add-ons that maybe if our cell phone system is out of date, it doesn't get access in the best way. The factors can vary a lot, the important thing is find out which one is presented to you. 

Another more delicate aspect is the phone's Flash player, if this is not good then it would affect the YouTube application. Many of these problems can be solved.I can't see or play YouTube videos on my PC or mobile phone - Solution to the problem

What to do if YouTube videos are not playing or uploading to my PC?

Let's talk now about how to resolve conflicts with video playback on our computer.

Check your internet connection

A very important reason is the quality of the Internet connection, sometimes it is not good enough. If the network to which we are connected is not efficient, the videos will not be able to be played. For this reason, the your computer may not be able to play the videos you want to see. A practical solution would be to check the correct functioning of the internet connection, if you have a wired connection, you can examine the status of the cables, the tips and each of the connectors, as well as verify that you really have a stable connection, if the your connection is wireless, so check that the router providing the internet is working properly.

Problems with Chrome extensions

Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular browsers used by internet users, however, sometimes there may be some drawbacks that prevent YouTube from playing videos. And it is that some extensions what they do is generate reproduction conflicts, as these can be designed to block specific Chrome options required for playing multimedia content from the browser. So it's a good idea to take a look at the extensions you have installed so that you can uninstall the less important ones.

Enable or update Javascript

JavaScript is a programming language that works in our browser, thanks to its integration with HTML5, it can make the pages we visit more dynamic and with a modern interface, if this feature is disabled or obsolete, its operation will be affected. JavaScript functions are playing multimedia content such as YouTube.

I can't see or play YouTube videos on my PC or mobile phone - Solution to the problem

Check the operation of the codecs

The codec is a code contained in a specialized program that deals with transforming the digital signals contained in web pages or multimedia files into an audio and video format that we can interpret as such. The ideal is to install a codec package that supports a good number of formats, so we will make sure that we can play the videos from YouTube or that we have stored on our personal disk.

What solution is there if YouTube doesn't work on my mobile and I can't watch videos?

If the problem you want to solve is presented on YouTube for mobile devices, you can try some of these tips.

Restart YouTube

Sometimes the apps we have installed on our mobile phone have unknown errors or bugs, which before starting to try to solve with complex methods, we can solve it simply by closing the app and reopening it, so that it can check if it is working properly and if there is a fault, the app's online support will take care of fixing it.

Clear YouTube data and cache

Cell phones sometimes collect a lot of junk information and we don't need this, some information reaches the memory of our mobile browser and the device tends to create certain errors. Even not allowing us to play the videos. One of the first solutions is to clear the cache on any Android device to free up space.

Another effective solution is to restart our phone, it could be that if you have a lot of time without shutting down or restarting the phone, it will tend not to let you play the videos. In this sense, you can also clear the cache, but from the YouTube application, to see if you get the solution.

I can't see or play YouTube videos on my PC or mobile phone - Solution to the problem

Update your browser and app

Similarly, the your YouTube application may have been damaged somehow , then you can access the option to uninstall and reinstall the application. However, you can also access YouTube from its IP address.

It is important to know the versions of the android system in case this affects in the sense that is very old or has an error with the YouTube application, find out the necessary data of your current mobile phone.

Clear browser history

Likewise, our browser history may be cluttered if it is the case that we wish to view YouTube from our computer and it does not allow us to play it. We can proceed with the cancellation of this data that could interfere.

You can enter your browser and tools, delete browsing data, it is possible that this option will help you in the best way. Likewise, you can delete the cache file which you can see in the same location, within the browser tools options.

Before you log into YouTube again to see if what you've done works, it's best restart your computer to save the changes. It is always good to know a little more technological data in the event of one of these cases, to know what steps to take to solve the problems. Finally, start over on YouTube and enjoy its content.

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