I can't watch or play videos on my PC - Solution

But surely on some occasions you have had the problem that the computer cannot play the video; then, you decide to delete the video and look for the same video but in another format. Many times we want to play YouTube videos on a smart TV to see them in more detail, because here we will solve it for you too in case you are interested.

View or play videos with QuickTime 

It is a multimedia framework, which manipulates electronic media on a PC; offers an application programming interface and intuitively adds the support for new codecs; and you can easily fix a problem while playing a video.

I can't watch or play videos on my PC - Solution

It is developed by Apple; QuickTime is a multimedia system capable of reproducing, and in some cases broadcasting, high-quality content over the Internet and other electronic devices; that's why when you have a video in .mov format, you can use QuickTime to play the video.

To know how to download it you can guide yourself with this guide that we have made or visit the official page and look for the support tab and click there; when you open the support page in the search box put QuickTime; and from the options choose Quick Links-Download QuickTime. 

Then the variety of program versions will appear, choose the version QuickTime for Windows 7.7.9 and check the Download icon. Then a dialog box appears where it tells us that we have chosen to download this file and if we want to save the file; We select the button where it says: Save file.

The file we downloaded will be on the desktop or in the Downloads folder. Once identified, press the left mouse button twice; Immediately a series of windows di dialog to choose the features we want for this program on our computer.

You will welcome us using the program; then we will accept the license agreement; We will choose the Typical configuration type.

We will select the folder where the files were downloaded QuickTime 7; Once this step is done, click on the Install icon, this will begin the program installation process and once finished, we will finish by clicking on the Finish icon.

K-Lite codec pack

Basic contains what you need to play all common formats in videos; such as.AVI, .MKV, .MP4, .OGM and.FLV. Standard contains some additional features like Media Player Classic and has better support for DVD playback.

The full version also has madVR, GraphStudioNext and other coders audio. And finally, the mega version, which adds VFW / ACM codecs for video encoding / editing and additional tools and DirectShow filters.  

I can't watch or play videos on my PC - Solution

When you download the program, you will see that there are different versions of this program; We will proceed to choose the one that is best for us, the basic version is sufficient for anyone watching videos on their computer.

In Download Basic, we do click with the left mouse button; and a dialog box will appear indicating that we have decided to download this file and choose to save the file. The file will be on our desktop or in the download folder and we will proceed with the installation.

In the installation process we will be presented with several options; we will choose the normal installation mode; then in the preferences we will choose the player where we want the video to play and the following options will remain unchanged as they appear.

Then we proceed to press the installation icon and the program will be installed; once the installation process is finished, we press the end icon. 

Once these two programs are installed, you will be able to play the videos, movies and series in whatever format they are. In case you don't like these video players for some reason, you can try to install the popular VLC, of ​​which we have a new guide on how to install it completely in Spanish, with which you will have no problem watching or playing high quality videos, 

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