Increase the security of WhatsApp by enabling two-step verification

Increase the security of WhatsApp by enabling two-step verification

Privacy in our social networks it is a very thorny question, if you add to this that anyone can have access to your mobile phone (whether you lose it or leave it forgotten), things are more messed up. For this reason, there are many companies that are implementing new ones security systems and WhatsApp would not have been outdone. For this reason, if you are a lover of your privacy, I invite you to follow this guide on How To Increase Security On WhatsApp By Enabling Two-Step Verification.

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Increase security on WhatsApp by turning on two-step verification 2022

If you want to bring the WhatsApp security from end to end, we recommend that you follow these simple steps.

The first thing you need to do to have more security on WhatsApp is to go to Settings.

Now for increase security in WhatsApp we go into «accounts».

New security in WhatsApp Two-Step Verification 2022

Now to put the new security in WhatsApp we have to give it up check in two steps.

secure WhatsApp, there will ask for a 6 digit number, we give the following and then check it again.

Now to complete the two-step verification we will have to enter a valid email in case we want to be able to change the validation password in the future.

Once the email is confirmed, we'll be done including the two-step verification in our whatsapp.

How to disable two-step verification 2022

Now we will have the opportunity to turn off two-step verification, change the code or change the email.

What do you think of this tutorial for increase security on WhatsApp? The truth is that he is one of them safety tips required in WhatsApp. If you have any questions you can comment below in the comments. You can also share this content with the social media floating button on the right.

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