With its over 2,5 million monthly active users, Facebook it's a globally established social network, which allows us to be in contact with ours family and our friends. Despite being managed by powerful servers, sometimes it happens that the fall of social networks is inevitable, since this particular network handles brutal amounts of information. For this reason it is normal that a sometimes you collapse, that's why you came to this post… you want to know if facebook fell today 2020, then continue reading this article of our blog in which I will clarify the following question… Facebook not working today 2020? or is it a problem with my internet connection?

What happened to Facebook today 2020?

That's why you're here because you say… wow, Facebook won't let me log in to my account! And you want know if it gives it from your internet connection or is that you want to know if i today's facebook problems 2020  are due to one fall of this social network. Read on and I will give you some tips that will clear your doubts.

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How to know if Facebook is in crisis today 2020?

You have signs of fall of Facebook? Good, follow these steps and… find out what happened!

Check your connection

Se Facebook does not allow you to access your account, the first thing you should do is check if it's a problem with your internet connection. What you should do is try to access facebook from different mobile data, wifi and even different devices. If still you cannot access this social network, today Facebook may have crashed.

Facebook Help Center

Another way to clear your doubts about this issue is to go to the Facebook Help Center, from here. In this section you will find a multitude of advice on today's facebook problems.


Know if Facebook is down today 2020 DEFINITELY

What about Facebook that doesn't work today! , don't be upset, now i will show you the ultimate way to know what happened with facebook today 2020. What you have to do is enter this website. What is needed? (You may ask yourself), why this portal collects all the data reports of Facebook users who have encountered problems in the last few hours. This simple way you will know if Facebook crashed in Spain 2020 or worldwide very easily.

Un another way to help the community know that facebook crashed today is to leave a comment with your connection problem. I remind you that If this article was helpful, please don't hesitate to share it on social networksplease, this helps me a lot! Thank you and good day.

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