Is it possible to sign up for Tinder without a phone number?

Is it possible to sign up for Tinder without a phone number?

Registering on Tinder without a phone number is one of the many searches that Internet users carry out on a daily basis since it is honestly not pleasant to give your personal number to create an account in this flirting application. That's why today in The Power Of The Green Android we will address this issue as privacy is something people worry more about every day, although unfortunately this fear is something that many media use (blogs, YouTube channels and even online newspapers) to deceive users as we will see below.

Is it possible to have Tinder without a phone number?

I will be clear and concise so as not to waste your time, you cannot use Tinder with a phone number. If you see a YouTube channel or website explaining how signing up for tinder without a phone is lying to you.

I'm writing this article because in the last few months I've been realizing that there are many websites with misleading and inaccurate information that are dedicated to copying content without more than other sources without verifying the information. They use, for example, user searches like «Use Tinder without a phone» in so that Internet users enter their pages or channels and after watching 5 minutes of video or reading a 1000 word article they finally tell you that it is impossible to create an account without providing your mobile phone. However, to justify themselves they tell you that it is possible to register in this social network to meet people by creating a free virtual number. third-party application, register with our email and what's more out of it almost never works.

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Is there any method to use Tinder without phone?

No, you have to give a yes or yes phone number, in fact it's something you can see for yourself on the official Tinder help page via the following link.

How to register in Tinder with a virtual number step by step 2022

However, if you want sign up for Tinder without providing your real number, you can always create a virtual number. Although I have already told you that it is not recommended as you should know the following:

  1. You will need to install an application called Hushed.
  2. You will need to register in the application with your email account.
  3. Last but not least, this method almost never works.

Scarica Hushed Free 2022

You can scaricare Hushed per create a Tinder account without giving your real number from the Play Store app store via the following link.

And so it was, I hope I helped you with advice and don't forget that if you have had experience with misleading tutorials on the internet you can comment them below to help other people. You can also share this information so that other users don't waste time on these media.

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